Saturday, July 14, 2012


We do not have any photos of the graduates from 1923 through 1927.
If anyone has pictures please send them to me.
These names are in a book that Millard's Mother wrote in a recipe book. 
Her writing is sometimes hard to interpret so please feel free to correct any spelling or any type of error.

Class of 1923
Laura Gruner, Vesta Boedeker, Mary Dwinelle, Lola Hockett

Class of 1924
Ivy Martin, Fay Stielow, Evelyn Kvasnicka, Hatie Houser,
Harvey Eden, Zelpha Brendfield, Mary Booth, Leland Brown

Class of 1925
Arthur Chesney, Hazel Dodson, Floyd Houser, Joseph Marlow,
 John Morrill, Luther Nelson, Marie Stricker 

Class of 1926
Lydia Bartlett, Elma Brown, Loyd Case,
James Howe, Floyd Sealey

Class of 1927
Dean Booth, Ester Bourne, Theodore Fritts,
Lawrence Houser, Margaret Marlow, Harry Martin,
Herman Strecker, Glen Whitman, Carol Wilcox


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