Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Penny wrote . . .

"Hi Everybody !!!!
Just a short note to tell you I'm finished with Home Health Care Friday and/or they are finished with me Friday!!!!!! (3 weeks). I walk out on the street in front of my house now with the cane !!!! It feels so good to get out of house. We had some rain so it has cooled down 10 degrees !!!! I'm walking in the house now with "no cane". Walker sets by my bed in case I need to use it at night, but it's been a week since I've used it !!!!!!!!! My balance is good and I feel strong !!!! Had to go to Dr. yesterday & get a steroid shot in right knee because it was hurting soo---- bad. Physical Therapy wanted me to go up stairs and she said use "good knee",
I said--- 'which one is my "good knee" now' !!!!!!!
Got shot and we are going strong again !!!!!!
Thanks for all your prayer's and positive thoughts !!!!!
Life is good !!!
Love, Penny
P.S. I get to take a ride in pick-up tomorrow !!!!!!"


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