Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Boys Basketball

Delphan Hoopes is on the front row?
Can you name the others and the Coach?

Girls Basketball

Lorretta Cronn, ? , Leota Cronn, Coach ?, Jo Ann Thompson,
Anita Barlett , Velma Hoopes, ?, Anita Webster, ?,
? Brown (Lee Brown daugther), ?

Can you fill in the ? Back row - Front row from Left to Right
(From left to right as you look at the picture.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Paradise Reunion
in the News
September 19, 2008

You may click on either one of these.
The top is too small . . . . .
The bottom is too large.

However, you do have a choice.

If you click on the bottom article,
remember to scroll to the right to see the complete article.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Kimberly & Craig Hoisington

We received an email from Dan Hoisington . . . . .

Our son Craig's wife Kimberly had a bouncing baby boy yesterday at 3:30PM. She had a terrible time and finally had a c-section. This was her first and maybe last baby! We were there with Kimberly's parents. Mona snatched the baby and couldn't bring herself to let him go. This went on for about 2 hours. I finally had to get her out of there and go home. I must admit he( Austin Michael) is very cute.


They are so proud!
Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy
and Baby Austin Michael
I'm sure that Mommy was not in a picture
taking mood at this time.
Perhaps we will get Mommy and Daddy later.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Do you remember the flood in 1935?
I doubt it.
I think that most of the people that are reading this blog
will not have memories of it but
may have stories that have been handed down about it.
By the looks of things in the photo's
I have a feeling that they wish that they had built an ark.
Do you suppose they called FEMA in to help them recover?
(Thanks to Pat Preston for the photo's)
Pat labeled these pictures as . . . . . .
"Flood of 1935
grain elevator and my Aunt Edith and Uncle Ray's house,
I think . . Pat"

Saturday, September 20, 2008


"Pieced In Paradise"
is a
Documentation of a Kansas Quilt
and the Forty-Two Ladies
who made it.
Roberta Louise Burns Hofmann
This book is at the Russell County Library for you to read.

Click on each photo to view the quilt
so that you "possibly" will be able to read the names.

The story behind the Quilt Top
Roberta Louise Burns Hofmann
(You may read this book in full in the Russell County Library.)

(Click on each section to be able to read them.)

There are two sections





The Dedication
of the

You can read the book in full at the Russell County Library.
It is truly a fantastic and very fascinating book and she did much Research to get the information - after she just happened to buy the quilt, made by the Paradise ladies, at a quilt festival in Ohio. She is one amazing individual that worked for many hours and had many many expenses putting this together.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Lynn and Vada Krumwiede

A few months before Betty died . . . .
Back Left to Right - Sharon (Dwinelle) Leiker & Vada
Front Left to Right - Edith Dwinelle, Betty (Dwinelle) McNeal & Ray Dwinelle

Four Generation Picture
Back Left to Right - Vada and Daughters - Darlene Bedford & Kim George
Front Left to Right - Daughter - Joy Harbaugh, Mother - Edith,
Daughter Jenny Garcia and her son - Derek Garcia

Hi. I’m Vada (Dwinelle) Krumwiede from the Class of 1958. My mom and dad had four kids, me being number three. My brother, Marvin, was killed in an automobile accident in 1963 and my sister, Betty, died of cancer in 1993, thirty years later. My younger sister, Sharon, and I survive along with Mom. Dad died of a heart attack in 1997, a few years after my folks moved to Salina.

I attended Brown-Mackie in Salina in the fall of 1958 when a girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date with her boyfriend’s buddy. Lynn had gone with a few girls at Brown-Mackie and wasn't impressed by any of them, he described to the girl what he wanted a girl to look like. She looked around BM and came up with me. I didn't know what to think of him and so I went with him again. (He turned out to be a salesman.) But it's fine the way it is.That’s how I met Lynn. I began working at a real estate and insurance office and did so until our first daughter was born in 1961. I stayed home until after our second daughter was born and we were informed she needed heart surgery (paton ductus). She was eight months old at the time. For the most part I was a full-time homemaker and mother until the kids started school before going back to work as a secretary. I’m glad I did it that way as the kids commented on me being at home for them. After many years working in the private sector, I took civil service tests and worked for the State of Kansas, spending seventeen years with them before deciding on retirement.

I married Lynn from Buckley, Illinois at the Methodist Church in Paradise in December 1959. He was in the air force at Salina’s Schilling Air Force Base. That base was closed in 1966. After he was discharged, he began selling insurance for Metropolitan Life and spent thirty-two years as one of their top salesman. He now is an agent for Jackson National Life Insurance Company and any others he wishes to license with. He has an office in our home where I help him doing the computer work, printing off insurance forms and obtaining rates on clients, etc.
We checked out churches in Salina before deciding on Trinity Lutheran Church. All our daughters were baptized at TLC and we continue to be a part of the pastor’s bible class. Lynn taught a bible class for many years as well.

We have four daughters, Kim George, Salina; Darlene Bedford, Lenexa; Joy Harbaugh, Culver; and Jenny Garcia, Cedar Falls, Iowa. They each have two kids except for Jenny who had their third child in December 2007. We are very proud of their picks for husbands and cherish our grandkids tremendously. For the year 2008 our oldest grandchild is a senior at Ft. Hays and the youngest just learned to crawl. Two are freshman in college at Kansas State and Baker University in Kansas, another is a junior in high school, two more are in first grade, and two are in pre-school. That’s quite an expansion. Our grandson (Washington D.C.) and granddaughter (several countries in Europe) in Lenexa have traveled with the People to People Mission former President Dwight Eisenhower started years ago. Another granddaughter traveled with a church group to New Orleans to help rebuild their homes.

Mom (Edith Dwinelle) turned 97 in July and wants to live on her own as long as she can. She fell and broke her hip several years ago and went through rehabilitation. She’s fallen several times since then and has the use of a wheelchair although she is trying to use a walker most of the time now.

We are Kansas State fans although neither one of us attended K-State. Two of our daughters graduated from KSU and one attended KSU one year after attending Marymount College in Salina and then coming back to Marymount. She later got her degree from Kansas Wesleyan when her two kids were well along in school. One other attended Hutchinson Community College on a sports scholarship before transferring to Brown-Mackie on a sports scholarship and one on a sports scholarship at BM before transferring to Kansas State. They are high achievers as well as their husbands.

As K-State fans, we are members of the Salina Catbackers club who have the coaches and staff speak as guests of our club. In addition to Coach Bill Snyder speaking at Catbackers, we attended a prayer breakfast where he was their guest speaker. We’ve also attended many bowl games and have enjoyed each of them. When we spoke to Snyder, we told him we’ve gone to many of the games but didn‘t go to Hawaii to watch them play. He said he didn’t think they made it either. We lost to Boston College. Since our daughter worked at the Rec Center on campus and knew many of the players when they came in to work out, he always asked us how she is doing. Although we have not won every one of the bowl games, they are a change from the normal ho hum of staying home and only watching the games on TV. We flew in a chartered plane sent to Salina, we park at our air port, and on to the games in San Diego and Phoenix. For Tucson, Lynn and I flew to Phoenix to his brother’s home on our own, joined by his other brother in Sacramento, and we all took a bus to Tucson. They had never seen so much purple in one spot in their lives. On trips to the playoff game and to Dallas and Houston, we’ve taken a bus.

Since I had an aortic valve replaced in 2004 and also now have a pace maker and have to be on oxygen at night, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for going to games although I did go to Houston. We still get season tickets to football and Lynn also for men’s and women’s basketball. When I don’t go to Manhattan, Lynn takes our son-in-law or gives our two tickets to both of them. I like watching both sports but don’t care to drive at night and especially with all the traffic coming out of Manhattan. Lynn doesn’t like to drive on the open highway; I don’t care to drive in large cities.

We will have been together forty-nine years this December and believe me, that’s a long time. A very long time. I told a guy at work one day that every once in a while I’d like to trade Lynn off for a new model, but I didn’t know anyone who would take him. He had this look on his face that told me he was trying to figure out whether I was serious or just kidding. I left it at that. Life is one big grin after another. Whenever I have a birthday, I tell people I am one day older than yesterday.

While talking with our girls many years ago already, Lynn and I mentioned that we didn’t have cars when we were in school. They were shocked. How did we get around? We walked. That got me thinking and especially when we bought our first computer to write a story about my life, how we lived, what we did, etc. and give that “masterpiece” to the girls. This project has been an on-going thing for years now. I will remember something else I want to add and the thing goes on and on. I’m not finished yet but I will get there eventually.

I kept my high school scrapbook and have scanned it since the Paradise Educated Blog has come into being, thanks to Onnalee Harrell and to Millard who provides her with information I’m sure. Comments and pictures from other classes need to come on board and give others a chance to reminisce over the “good old days.” Times were much simpler then--times when a jet plane flying overhead would make us go outside and look up--times when we would run outside and wave to the train conductors and they would wave back--times when we’d find our outhouse up on Main Street the morning after Halloween--times when bunches of kids played ball in our front yard.

I’ve enjoyed reading about Pat and Alice on the Blog since they left Paradise. Thanks to Onnalee for asking me to provide her with info about me. A few years ago I wrote Randall and asked him if he had e-mail addresses for our classmates. He requested I send to the last known address he had and find out if they had computers and e-mail. I did and Alice is the only one without a PC. I now have a Classmates directory.

Vada and Lynn's Daughters
and their
Rick, Kim,
Audrey & Keith George

Dave, Darlene
Megen & Davey Bedford

Joy, Chad,
Kaleigh & Ashlyn Harbaugh

Jenny & Paul Garcia

Derek, Avery, & Will Garcia

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Photo's that Travis sent to Michele and then she (Michele) sent them to me.
From Travis . . . .
"I attached a picture of Paradise from several years ago. The problem is it's not very good and it's a picture of a picture. . . . . . . . . I'll bet every one would get a kick out of seeing it since it shows downtown Paradise in the 1920's and it shows the bank before it burned down. Also, I'm not sure if you'll remember it or not, but I included a picture of one of the postcards of the Paradise Methodist Church from several years ago back before they removed the bell from the front. I found it recently and since I know you like to see stuff from Paradise I just thought I'd share it. Travis"


Travis also sent the photo post card of the Paraise Methodist Church. I could not get it to publish correctly, so Devin made some technical changes and sent it back to me. (Technology is not my strong point.)
Thank You Devin!
Isn't this a neat photo?

Monday, September 15, 2008


Bud Eulert's (Class of 49) Wife
Their 5 children - David (74), Max (76), Peggy (78), Amy (85) and LuAnn (91) - graduated from PHS.

Kathryn Ann (Wolf) Eulert, 73 of Hays and formerly of the Paradise - Fairport area died Saturday night, September 13, 2008 at the Hays Medical Center in Hays, Kansas. Kathryn was born September 20, 1934 in Hays, Kansas the daughter of Clarence and Esther (Nelson) Wolf. She grew up in Hays and graduated from Marion High School.

Kathryn was united in marriage to Lewis W. Eulert on March 6, 1954 in Natoma, Kansas. This union was blessed with five children; David, Max, Peggy, Amy and Luann.

Kathryn was a hairdresser early in her adult life. But then she became a homemaker and devoted farmer's wife. Her life revolved around her children and grandchildren. She was a 4-H leader in sewing and cooking when her daughters were growing up. She loved playing cards especially Pitch, and also her bridge groups, spending time in her flower gardens, and ball room style of dancing.

Surviving family include her husband of 54 years, Lewis of the home; two sons, David and wife Marlene Eulert of Springhill, KS and Max and wife Amy Eulert of Kansas City, MO; three daughters, Peggy Eulert and Kevin White of Paradise, KS., Amy and husband Tim Groom of Wellington, KS. and Luann Eulert and Tim Boyce of Woodinville, WA; sister, Mary Jo Stroup of Hays, KS.; nine grandchildren, Reese Eulert, Fay Eulert, Otto Eulert, Oliver Eulert, David Keil, Drew Keil, Owen Keil, Ian Groom and Brody Groom; and her dog Maggie. She was preceded in death by her parents, infant daughter Anna Lou, brother Max Wolf and dog Baron.

Celebration of the Funeral Mass is scheduled for 10:00 A.M. Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 at the St. Marys Catholic Church in Gorham. Interment will follow at the Fairport Cemetery north of Gorham. Visitation will be from 9 AM to 8 PM Tuesday at Pohlman-Varner-Peeler Mortuary in Russell with the family present to greet friends at 6 PM. A Rosary will be done at 7 PM at the mortuary Tuesday night. A memorial has been established as the Kathryn Eulert Memorial. Contribution and condolences may be sent in care of Pohlman-Varner-Peeler Mortuary in Russell. Condolences may also be sent via email at http://www.blogger.com/www.pvpmortuary.com. Pohlman-Varner-Peeler Mortuary of Russell is in charge of these arrangements.

Friday, September 12, 2008


John and Garnett’s “Secret” Trip to New York
By: Mrs. Garnett U. Angel
In June of 1962 we received a call from a representative of the TV game show, “I’ve Got a Secret”, asking if we would like to be on the show. We told everyone that we would be going to New York soon, it was even in the Natoma Independent News Paper. Then we didn’t hear another word from the show until 2 years later, June 1964!

We were told to be at the Kansas City Airport in three days to pick up our plane tickets to New York. Of course, John was in the middle of harvest, and I was working at H.L. Post Insurance office, but we dropped everything and drove to Kansas City anyway.

Judy White (Frosty’s late wife), drove John and I from their house to the airport. I remember that the runway was so short and the jet had to pull up fast, it really set you back in your seat.

When we landed at what is now JFK airport, we were met by a guide, who took us to an airport limousine. We passed the New York World’s Fair, which we visited a few days later, on our way to the Gramercy Hotel (http://www.gramercyparkhotel.com/).

The next morning we were picked up and taken to the studio where we rehearsed with a panel of stage hands. We were served a sack lunch, and had to remain at the studio until Steve Allen, the stand in Host, and the panel, Henry Morgan, Bill Collins, Betsy Palmer, and Bess Meyerson, arrived. The theme of our segment was a play on names; D.C. Current, was an Electrician, his son’s name was A.C. Current, Thomas Thomas from Walla Walla, WA, a Boss named Richard Burton, and his Secretary who’s name was Elizabeth Taylor, and John and I were the “Angels from Paradise, KS”.

The Panel made several guesses as to who we were, such as Adam & Eve, but I’m not sure of the other guesses, maybe it shows in the video. After the show, as we walked off stage, I was surprised to see that Betsy Palmer and Bess Meyerson were taller than John. When we walked out of the Studio, a crowd of people ask for our autographs.

We spent a few days in New York taking bus tours of the City and the Circle Line boat tours around Manhattan Island where our guide pointed out different buildings and monuments. We also visited the New York World’s Fair, the main thing I remember was a boat ride through an exhibit of dolls dressed in costumes of all the different countries while listening to a recording of, “It’s a Small World”.

I've Got A Secret - 1965


And . . . . .
This is part of the Angel Family
Dec. 2007
This picture was for Jeff
while he was in Iraq

Back Row - Michele's family - Haley Jo, Michele & Trenton and Sara (Jeff's wife)
Second Row - Richard & Janette Ross and Garnett Angel
Front Row - Kyle (now 11 mo.), Conner (4) & Cameron (6)


"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us,
Bless them and their families
for the selfless acts they perform for us
in our time of need. Amen."

This is a neat story about one of our own . . .
Janette Angel Ross' son Jeff.
It is several months old,
but worth seeing time and time again .

This is the baby that you saw in Jeff's video.

Baby Kyle is growing and . . . .

Growing some more.

Michele's Family

Michele and Trent

Trent and Haley Jo

Trent, Haley Jo and Michele


Wow! Isn't it amazing to hear from our young people saying how great Paradise is? First, we had Devin, then Brad and, now Michele has sent this to her friends and acquaintances. Hearing from each of these just give me the warm fuzzies. What a day to have "Warm Fuzzies" in Emporia, Ks USA. It has been raining steadily for 24 hours. I love it - but my bones have problems with all of this moisture. This has certainly helped to keep my mind off of pain. Ha! I still feel it.

Following is from Michele . . . . . .

If you are interested in visiting the Paradise, Kansas Blog... Click on this link:

Paradise is my home town, it's small, VERY SMALL... last I heard the Population of Paradise was 60 some! That may seem horrible to some... but it was a GREAT place to grow up! We had a Party Line until I was in High School (early 80's); everybody knows everybody╩╝s
Business; everyone went to church on Sunday Morning; and if you were doing something you weren't supposed to... Your Mom knew 'bout it long before you got home!

Honestly, if the School provided the same opportunities that we have here, and I could manage to make a living... we would move home in a heartbeat! Life was so much simpler out there!

Michele A. Peterka

Do you know Michele?
Michele and her daughter - Haley Jo - lives in Belton, Mo.
Michele works for Hallmark Cards Inc. and has worked there for 11 years.
Haley Jo (13) is in the 8th Grade at Yeokum Middle School in Belton.
Michele's son, Trenton (19) is in the Army, and currently in IRAQ.


This is FANTASTIC! Michele emailed Travis and he (Travis) has sent more pictures. I just love seeing the young people getting involved.

Michele introduced me to Travis (by way of e-mail). She said . . . . .

"Onnalee, Travis is my 1st Cousin. He is the son of Gene Angel and Sharon Schwemmer. Travis is married to a beautiful girl, Natalie, and has an absolutely Precious daughter, Alice. Please read what he had to say below."

Travis responded to her email about the "I've Got A Secret" posting.

"That's pretty neat. Grandma and Grandpa looked so young. I had never seen it before.

I attached a picture of Paradise from several years ago. The problem is it's not very good and it's a picture of a picture. I took it last year at Grandma's house. The next time you go to Grandmas you should try taking a better picture or scan it to your computer then send it to the lady who runs the Paradise Blog website. I'll bet every one would get a kick out of seeing it since it shows downtown Paradise in the 1920's and it shows the bank before it burned down.

Also, I'm not sure if you'll remember it or not, but I included a picture of one of the postcards of the Paradise Methodist Church from several years ago back before they removed the bell from the front. I found it recently and since I know you like to see stuff from Paradise I just thought I'd share it. Travis"

I have the pictures that Travis sent and some more from Michele. I will be anxious to put them on. However, I'm going to spread them out. I also have some more pictures and stories from some more of our alumni, so will probably take turns with photo's and families. I love having so many pictures and so much information - I just don't know what to post next!!!!!! Am I having fun? Yes, I am!!!!
Travis Angel and his Family

Left - Travis, Natalie
and Baby Alice

Travis and Alice
And. . . . this my Dear Friends
is the other Angel!
Gene Angel
I am asking everyone to let him know that
he needs to contact his "old" music teacher
and . . . . . .
that she is very disappointed
that she has not seen him at either
of the last two Paradise Reunions.
Also . . . . .
if he would like to have this picture changed
perhaps he could send me one of him,
or at least of him and his children.
Thank You!
I would love to hear from Gene!

I have to grin everytime I look at Gene's Photo.
Gene is such a good looking guy. Always looking so neat and handsome.
I sure hope this brings him out of hiding.

Gene's Daughter and Her Family
Andrea is Gene & Sharon's youngest child
Andrea (Angel) Hereman
From left to right
Gage, Andrea, Tana, Dallas & Kaden

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008


Graduating Class of 1958

Vada, Pat, Reva, Dorene, Alice, Sandra


Baseball Star - Verlin Cronk

Baseball Star -
Van Hoisington

In the new auditorium - Popping Popcorn
Dorene Riech , Vada Dwinelle, Pat Hoopes