Sunday, October 28, 2012



In Memory
Bryan Lane Duvall

Bryan died suddenly Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 after a short illness.

He was born March 25th, 1952 in Russell, to Guy and Vera (Keith) Duvall.

After graduating from Paradise High School, he attended Barton County Community College and Kansas State University where he graduated with a Masters degree in agricultural economics.

He met his future wife in chemistry class at BCC and they married in 1978 in spite of the challenges of multiple job transfers and living halfway across the country from each other.

He worked in agriculture all his life. He started working at the neighbor's ranch, working on custom harvest crews and working with multiple grain companies trading commodities. Buying, selling and moving millions of bushels of grain on a daily basis was second nature to him. Whenever possible, Bryan enjoyed fast cars, old cars, and old fast cars. He enjoyed driving the cars more than working on them. He always rooted for the Kansas college teams and was a loyal to K-State football even during the lean years.

He is survived by his spouse Deanna, Edmond Okla.; and two sisters, Lana Duvall, St. Francis, and Lisa Duvall, Ellinwood, and other relatives.

He will be missed by friends and colleagues.

He was preceded in death by his parents, brother and one sister.

There will be no service. 

 Paradise Reunion - 2010

Bryan Duvall, Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber,
Donna (Ringler) Totman, Paul Elliott, Marilyn (Coover) Mitchell


Thursday, October 25, 2012



From Duane Miller 10-23-12
Thank You for the update Duane.  We pray for Donnie and for you too, daily.

"Hello Onnalee 
Donnie's next appointment for treatment at KU Medical Center is November 12.  We were  notified today of the appointment date. The first  angiogram or mapping was to prepare the liver for SIR-Spheres treatment  This coming appointment is to actually administer  SIR -Spheres microspheres. The  procedure enables radiation to be sent direct into the liver tumors,  so exposure to the remaining healthy liver tissue is minimized. Most of the radiation is delivered to the tumor in the first two weeks following treatment.
Chemotherapy has not been getting desired results for Donnie. The cancer count has been holding in a high range. The plan was for liver surgery after her last chemo break. The plan was scraped when her cancer count jumped very high and fast. The radiation treatment is to boost the effort to kill most of the tumor.  In a small number of cases the tumor is reduced to a size allowing surgery to get it all.  Of the treatment options,  this is the one that Donnie is a candidate for. Chemotherapy is expected to continue in combination with the radiation..
Your prayers,  especially on November 12 for comfort and  peace for Donnie, for  efficiency of the procedure;  including a successful result of the treatment, will be appreciated.   
Many thanks 
Duane Miller"

Dear Lord, 
As Donnie and Duane await Donnie's appointment for treatment on Nov. 12th at KU Med Center, let us offer You all of our anxieties for their good and your glory.
Calm them in their worries, knowing these don’t add wisdom but rather stress to this situation.
Enlighten the medical team, though the power of your Spirit, to make wise decisions as Donnie has her treatment.
Help them as they turn to You in these fragile, painful moments, to continue to look towards You for grace and strength.
Comfort us in seeking you now as we place all our concerns in your loving hands as we say “Thy Will Be Done.”  Amen



Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Terry Martin just posted this on facebook.
Terry is Donnie's brother.  Will post more when I hear from Duane.

"Just got word about my sister Donnie Miller.
 Her procedure went well. 
Will have to go back in 3 weeks for another one. 
Thanks for all your prayers."


Sunday, October 7, 2012


Donnie will be having 
a new cancer treatment 
KU Medical Center - Kansas City
Monday - October 8, 2012

Please pray for strength for Donnie and for Duane.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Chester & Elsie Rounkles
2nd annual family reunion

Lois ('60), Marvin ('61) and Penny ('64)

Family members came from 3 states came to attend the "Chester & Elsie Rounkles 2nd annual family reunion" on September 1st & 2nd, 2012 at Gardner, KS, Kansas City, KS & DeSoto, KS. 
The reunion started at noon on Saturday at the home of Lonnie & Mary Bushnell at Gardner, KS.

Host and Hostess :
Lonnie Bushnell, Mary's husband, & Mary 
and their grandson Brock Bushnell 

Sat. everyone enjoyed a hoggie sandwich,  chips & lemonade.  After lunch we all traveled to K.C. , Ks to the "Legends" at Village West. We enjoyed the Cabala's Store and the Museum at Village West. We then ventured to the Hollywood Casino. We ate supper at Dave's Famous BBQ restaurant then we all traveled to Desota, Ks., for dessert at John & Shirley Mello's House.

Sunday : We had a great cook out at noon at Lonnie & Mary Bushnell's house, Gardner, Kansas.  We spent the afternoon visiting, taking pictures, reminiscing, playing cards . 

Birthday cards were signed  for Lois Bonar  & Mitch Ramey's birthdays which they had that week.  We took a break in the middle of the afternoon and had banana splits to celebrate the birthdays !!!!!   The next big event of the day was the famous "Nertz" card game !!!!!

Playing a card game "NERTZ" !!! 
Lois, husband Gene Bonar,
 nephew Johnny, wife Shirley, 
Penny, niece Gina 

Those attending  the union were :
John , Shirley & Michael Mello, DeSoto, KS
Gene and Lois (Rounkles class of 1960) Bonar, Cherryvale, KS 
Greg Bonar & Olivia , Parsons, KS 
Mitch & Gina Ramey, Parsons, KS
Mary & Lonnie Bushnell, Gardner, KS
Penny ( Rounkles class of 1964 ) Loker, McDonald, KS
Chad, Sharla (Reschke) Bushnell  & Baby Brock, Gardner, KS
Marvin Rounkles (class of 1961 ) O'Fallon, Illinois Ryan, Maureen, Kira, &  Maya Rounkles,  Imperial, Missouri.

John & Joyce (Rounkles class of 1957) Mello.  Russell, Kansas ~~~  were unable to attend.

Thank you to Mary Bushnell & Penny Loker for organizing the reunion !!!! A "GREAT" time was had by all. See you all next year in St. Louis !!!!!
Everyone also enjoyed looking at the scrap book that Mary Bushnell made of the 2011 reunion. She will add to it each year.

Written by Penny F, Loker (class of 1964)


Lois Rounkles Bonar & Penny Rounkles Loker -  September 1, 2012


Monday, October 1, 2012



As we were cleaning out our garage, we found this lovely hand made picture that says . . .

To Hazel     From Lydia & Floyd

Millard is thinking that it is probably from Lydia & Floyd Houser. Millard & I would like to send this to one of their relatives as it certainly is beautiful and a work of art to treasure.

I put this on facebook and asked about relatives of Lydia & Floyd.
Janette (Angel) Ross had a very informative comment.
" I just called mom and she said that Floyd and Lydia and Dick and Hazel were great friends in Paradise. Lydia was my great aunt (Grandma White's sister, their brother was Vernon Bartlett). I think that Floyd and Lucy's dad, Lawrence Houser were cousins. Lydia has 2 dtrs, Karen Houser Creighton in Houston, TX and Barbara Houser Hilligest in Sela, WA. Karen is about 5 years older than Lucy & I, she was my 2nd cousin and Lucy's 2nd cousin too, (I think), but Lucy & I were never related. Frosty White may know how to get in touch with Karen. I bet she would like to have that embroidery design. Do you have Frosty's email, I think he has Karen Houser's email and writes her sometimes. Maybe you could email the photo above to him and he could send it to her? It's really nice for sure!"

From Norma Hutchcraft Williams. 
"Lucy Shearer was a Houser, not sure if she's related. Lydia was a favorite of my mom's".

From Pat Hoopes Preston
There children were named Billie,Barbra Karen don't know where they are now but Billie went school with oldest brother. Lydia &Floyd were in our mother father wedding. They were best friends they were kin to the Barletts (vern)

From Forrest White
Lydia & Floyd Houser were my Aunt and Uncle. Their daughter, Karen Creighton, is the only member of that branch of the family with whom I am still in contact. I have addressed a copy of this reply to her.
Onnalee Harrell is the official keeper of the Paradise Web site/blog. 

I sent an email to Karen.  I haven't heard back but guess she is as busy as the rest of us.
I wanted to share the beautiful picture with each of you.