Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Glen and Rhonda Strecker
and their family

Glen and Rhonda Hendershott were married April 19, 1973 in Russell, Ks . . . they eloped. At that time Glen was teaching and coaching at Paradise High School and my Rhonda was finishing up at Fort Hays State University. They moved together to the old Fowler farm (the name Fowler is still printed in cement on the front steps of the house) just northeast of Paradise where all three of their children were born and raised until 1991 when they moved to Hays.
Currently Glen and Rhonda live and work in Olathe, KS. Rhonda is a librarian and media specialist at Santa Fe Trail Junior High and Glen is a guidance counselor at Olathe North High School.

Glen and Rhonda's Wedding Anniversary
From left to right
Devin, Glenn, Rhonda, Adrienne, Brandon

Devin is an Operations Manager for the Hollywood Media District BID
(Business Improvement District) in central Hollywood.
Brandon is office manager at DuTel Telecommunications in North Hollywood.
Adrienne is a lawyer with South & Associates in Overland Park.
Devin and Brandon are also both musicians in the band Invisible Material.
Another photo of their family in their home in Olathe

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
Millard & Onnalee

We have acquired
more wrinkles, more weight and less hair,
haven't we?
But, Wow!
More LOVE is the most important!
School Photos when we were Teaching

Our Wedding
Aug. 7, 1965
Karval, Colorado
44 years ago today Millard and I were married in Karval, Colorado in the Church of the Nazarene.
What a wonderful - eventful, memorable and "fast" 44 years.
I am so thankful and appreciative that we have had these years together.
We met in Paradise and that is where we had our courtship and first home.
At that time we were both music teachers - teaching vocal and instrumental
music - grades 1-12.
Millard was teaching in Luray and Onnalee in Paradise.
After 4 years, we taught in Kit Carson, Colo. and Kelby was born in Cheyenne Wells, Colo.
We moved to Tribune and spent 3 years still teaching, then moved to Elkhart, Ks. Gwen was born and Onnalee stopped her teaching (in school) career at that time. After Millard taught 2 years of music to Jr. High students, his profession changed to that of Funeral Director - and, a wonderful funeral director he was - so caring, considerate, compassionate and professional.
Millard and Onnalee gave many music lessons in their home and Onnalee had an Interdenominational Youth Choir.
After their children graduated from H.S., Onnalee went back to teaching vocal music in Elkhart Middle School and High School. These were very rewarding years for her as her students were very successful.
After Onnalee's liver transplant in 2001, they retired in 2002 and moved to Emporia to be close to their family.
And Oh! What JOY we have had to be near them and watch our 4 grandchildren grow.

A Brief Glimpse of Our Life

Millard - 1941

Onnalee - 1941

Millard was an ONLY child
Onnalee had one brother - 6 years older than she was.

Gwendal & Onnalee

Millard - 1944

Onnalee - 1946

Millard - 1950

Onnalee - 1951

Our Wedding
Eric Haberer, Hazel and Dick Harrell

Our Wedding

Our Wedding Party
Sue Koehler, Pat (Leonard) Hill, Rev. Meade
Onnalee, Millard, Rev. McIntire
Dan Koehler, Gwendal Leonard
Larry Leonard, Enola Leonard, Janice Harrell,
Carlos Leonard, Leon Leonard, Allen Leonard

Wedding Reception
Onnalee, Millard,
Doris Harrell

Onnalee and Millard

Our son
Kelby - 1994

Our Daughter - Gwen
at her wedding - 1996

Our 3 Grandsons
Joshua - Jacob - Jared

Mother's Day - 2007
Jacey, Gwen, Jared, Joshua
the back end of Kemper,Jacob and Sadie

Christmas - 2007
The Grandchildren

Thanksgiving - 2007
JJ and Gwen and
the 4 Grandchildren

Mother's Day - 2008
Joshua, Jacob, Jared, Jacey

Before Going to School the First Day of School




Gwen and JJ - 2008

J.J. is a wonderful son-in-law -
the husband to our daughter and the
father of our grandchildren.

J.J. is a very hard worker and we are very proud of him.
He has made these accomplishments because of his abilities and expertise and he is very deserving of an article such as this.

Gwen was selected as the Emporia Gazette's Mom
in Feb, 2009.
She certainly is deserving of this honor and is a
wonderful Mother, wife, daughter and sister.

While I am doing Emporia Gazette Links, I will add Millard's feature story too.

JJ took Gwen on a business trip with him
to Las Vegas for her birthday this year.
The grandchildren stayed with us and we
sent her Birthday wishes
by way of a photo in her email.
We seem tohave trouble getting
4 children to pose for a picture.

Every summer the Emporia Recreation Center has a Princess Tea Party at the
Recreational Center. This is for 3 and 4 year old little girls.

Jacey is getting ready for her
Princess Tea Party.

Onnalee took the boys to McDonald's
for cookies and chocalate milk during
the Princess Tea Party.
This is Jacey as she walked in to
McDonald's after her party.

And . . . . this is our Princess!
One little girl with 3 big brothers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Photos of Our Son, Kelby

Kelby with his nephews and niece

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I put this photo above with our other
Wedding Photos.
However, when I published the above story
this was not with the others.
I haven't learned how to inset photos yet
so here is a photo that we would like to share with you.
It is already on this blog - several months back.
This was our musicians
Elaine (pianist)
Jolene (vocalist)
Janette - (organist)
They did an awesome job!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Paradise Trivia
Paradise went to dial telephones 50 years ago.
Starting the latter part of July.