Saturday, October 30, 2010


I sent a Good Morning message to Pat this morning to see how she was doing. I received this from her.

"Good morning to you! I am coming a long pretty good. I have had to Re-learn talking, walking, balancing, you name it - I started all over.
I am on a cane now and doing pretty good but ready to take the next step. My hair is not in good shape but I never worried much about that. I just want to get my hair back to where it was. Oh really it is slowly growing back, but feels like a caterpillar in my scalp.
I had a horse shoe cut and they had to drill holes up there to give the brain some swelling room so will have some soft spots on my head. I asked if they will fill in but they didn't know - some times yes and some times no. I have some plates also up there too. My stitches have not all come out so will have to go back in two weeks to remove some of them that didn't dissolve.
I have another MRI in Dec. to check out the progress inside of my head. Hope all is good. He said that I might have to do some radiation later. Sure hope that is a no.
I am thankful I am this far along and I am doing what they tell me to do. They say I am doing quite good for a brain surgery patient.
I lost the use of my right side and still have from the calf of my leg to my foot to wake up. It is still numb and I am taking Rehab for that. I have 3 months to go.. Thanks for thinking about me... Pat Hoopes Preston

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Verlin M. Rogers
(September 28, 1913 - October 20, 2010)

Verlin M. Rogers, 97,
died October 20, 2010, Larned Healthcare Center, Larned.

He was born September 28, 1913, in southern Osborne County near Luray, the son of Alfred and Minnie Langley Rogers. He graduated from Fort Hays State University where he received a Bachelors and Masters in Administration and Mathematics, he then attended Emporia State University and received his Masters in Psychology. He was Superintendent of schools at Waldo, Natoma and Larned State Hospital where he organized that school. He was a resident of Larned since 1968.

He was a member of First United Methodist Church, Fort Larned Lions Club and was Chairman of the Christmas basket program of several years and was a past District Governor all of Larned and was a member of the Masonic Lodge. He was a U.S. Army WW-II Veteran stationed in Berma and India.

On August 6, 1930, he married Tamsel Fallis at Rush Center. She survives.

He is survived by one grandson, Mark Rogers, Wichita, one granddaughter, Holly Rogers, Kinsley and one great grandson, Brandon Chinn, Great Bend, and one sister, Sylvia Lee, Bella Vista, Arkansas.

He was preceded in death by one son, Richard and two brothers, Weldon and Arlo.

Funeral will be at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, October 23, at Morell Funeral Home, Larned, with Pastor Bill Fitzgerrel presiding. Visitation will be from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home. Burial will be in Vincent Cemetery, Luray, Kansas, at 2:30 p.m.

Memorials are designated for Fort Larned Lions Club or the church.

Notice the neat comment below.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Devin Strecker, Brandon Strecker, Robin Hall, Benjamin Griffiths
I watched this video on Devin's profile on facebook earlier this week. When I watched it I was so tense about all the mess the paint was making. Then I decided that surely it wasn't real paint and perhaps they did all of that by production effects, so it was a little more enjoyable the second time. You must watch it to the end, as the ending is the neatest of all.
I emailed Devin and asked him about the paint and the mess. This was his explanation . . . . .

"It was real paint that they dumped on us, mixed with very cold water.
They did add some effects in post-production to make it appear that more paint was "raining" and splattering on the wall behind us, but the paint that is falling on us is all real. It was a very messy, yucky, cold day for us in the band."

Personally, I can't imagine cleaning up all of that mess, but what they won't go through for a video! The band has been very successful and they have good ratings. Devin has other bands too that I have been giving him a hard time about. However, this one is "tame" enough for the Paradise Blog. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After I posted the Wall Street Journal story about Van Hoisington, I sent an email to Van as following . . . .

Check out the Paradise Blog. We are very proud of you!
Van, do you remember that Millard used to tie your shoes when you were a little boy? He is convinced that tying shoes is the ONLY thing he learned to do before you.
One of his most memorable accomplishments! ?
Congratulations on being featured in a great story!

Van responded . . . .

Thanks. A little embarrassing...I remember Millard being ahead of me in
several things not the least was a mean left hook in gym class when we were supposed to be learning boxing! He may not remember, but I was the one who got hit..did not forget..Best to all Van

I responded . . .

Millard is having a Senior Moment . . . . or else he has Selective Memory. ?
He has been trying to think about the boxing - left hook incident - but
can't seem to rack his brain.
Perhaps you need to remind him before he completely exhausts himself of trying to recall what "stupid thing he did." Ha!

Van responded . . . .

I knew he would not remember..I was the one that got hit.. Woodall decided
one day in gym class to teach us some self out the boxing gloves. Did it for a couple of classes . We were sparring around, matched up with Millard. Being left handed was an advantage because no one ever looked for the left hook, certainly not me.. after he connected Woodall got concerned about his "star" bball player and stopped the lessons.
a brief moment in history only remembered by the hittee not the Van

I am waiting to hear Millard's reaction to this again. He told me a short story, but will add it later.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I received another email from Pat Preston this morning.
She has given me permission to share it with you.

Onnalee -- Just a short note to tell you I am home and doing better but not walking too good. I have had therapy but need more. My right leg is numb and since I have no feeling in it, I still have to walk with a walker. Slowly I am doing better.
I lost all my feeling on my right side but have some of it back down to the knee so will take some more therapy with a Neurologist therapist.
Hang in there and I will give you all the details about what happened and if you want to put this on the blog, I don't mind.
I have been having seizures for quite some time but didn't know what they were. It was like having a bad leg ache while running into a electric fence. As long as I was sitting up they didn't bother me. duh!
Anyway, after a 45 min one we checked into a hospital and they ran a cat scan and a MRI and saw the tumor on my left side of brain so I said lets go for it. It was not cancer and it is gone but I have some numbness in my right side. I am competitive to get better and I am getting there. I just need time.
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Pat Hoopes Preston

I appreciate her husband, Weldon, for keeping us posted about Pat.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


A little bird
flew over the
Paradise Blog Headquarters
and told us about
a Birthday.

was born

Saturday, October 2, 2010


PLEASE send me some news, some pictures, old photos, memories!
I am running out of things, but will start looking again in my booklets, etc.

The only thing I know today is that it is Karen Jakub's birthday,
but she would get on my case if I would put that on the blog.
Especially since I don't know everyone else's birthday.
So, guess I better go easy on this one. :)

¡uǝɹɐʞ ' ʎɐpɥʇɹıq ʎddɐɥ
Oh! Oh! I turned off the Comment acceptance. Why did it accept Karen's comment?
Crazy technology! Click on Comment below.