Wednesday, March 23, 2016



I received this in an email from Lois.

"Thanks for every thing you do for the Paradise Blog;  I love to read it.       
In 1983,  I had cancer of the colon;   surgery to remove the cancerous part of the colon and a colostomy [artifical opening] was made on my left side.   The lower part of the colon was removed plus the rectum, anus, etc.         
Fast forward to 2016,  33 years later.   I had emergency surgery on Feb.13;   for an "impacted colon  and a hernia right below the colostomy."    The doctor removed that part of my colon and repaired the hernia and had to make a new colostomy farther up .  It had not "burst" or I would have really been in trouble.   
Back in 1983 I had no chemo or radiation;  just surgery to remove all of the cancer.    
Today,  I have___" no cancer";  just a very sore abdomen  !!!       Lois Bonar"

Friday, March 18, 2016


172092                   172210
 3-18-16                  3-21-16
I saw these wonderful pictures of our Paradise Water Tower on facebook this morning.  I sent a message to the photographer, Rex Rosenberg, and asked for permission to post these on this blog.
Yes, he gave me permission.  His response . . . .
"Hello-- It was a real treat to have been able to do those photos that day. I've been by that place countless times over the years and have always wondered about it. It's fine with me that you put my photos in the blog as long as they aren't modified in any way."

This is how he introduced the photos on facebook . . .
Rex Rosenberg . . . . . March 15 at 6:52pm"Although not intended, arrival time yesterday at the Paradise Water Tower was perfect. For many, many years I've wondered what the interior of that tower looked like and I finally got to find out. Some men working on the tower allowed a view inside while they worked."
These pictures are also on another link on facebook . . . .
"Old, Abandoned and Interesting Places - Kansas."
I'm not sure, but I'm thinking he might be the Creator of this link.  His link and this link are both very interesting.

Pictures by Rex Rosenberg

 Previous pictures of the water tower.

Water Tower - July 4, 2008

Pictures from Jim - From the top of the water tower

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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3/8/16      3/9/16 

I must apologize. I failed!  

Penny Rounkers Loker, sent me a message on facebook on 2/16/16 saying . . . . .
"Please put something on the Paradise blog.  Lois is in the hospital.  She had surgery Sat.  They found more cancer but hopefully they got it all.  (Colon)  She will be in ICU for a week. Please remember her in your thoughts and Prayers!!!"

I have been praying for Lois, but I evidently just forgot to put it on this blog.  I came to put an update about Lois this morning and it hasn't been on the blog.  I am so sorry!  Penny, this is completely uncalled for and I will try to do better.  Please keep sending me prayer requests and information. 
This morning on facebook, Lois posted on facebook . . . .

"Thank you everyone for the visits, cards, flowers, food, and gifts of friendship that you have shown me since my "emergency " abdominal [colon] surgery on Feb. 13, 2016. I was in I.C.U. for one week, Re-Hab for another week and went home on Feb. 27th. I am able to do more each day and go to Re-Hab at the CORE twice a week. Thanks for the prayers!!!"