Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I saw this on facebook this morning.
Nice photo Roger & Janet.
I'm sure he won't notice that I swiped it for several weeks. 
I  usually ask for permission to post something, but if it is on facebook it surely is OK to have it on the Paradise Blog. 


Sunday, January 29, 2012



Penny F. Loker
will retire
January 31,  2012

Before  Penny was married she  worked 3 years at KNI (Kansas Neurological Institute) in Topeka, KS with mentally handicapped individuals. 

Penny and her husband Gary were over the road owner operator's for 22 years.  They both drove and their semi was leased to P.F T. Roberson out of Farmer City, Illinois.
They owned their own semi flatbed trailer and they both received their "million mile " awards for having "NO Accidents".

Penny worked 11 yrs as an CNA, night shift, at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Atwood, KS where one mentally handicapped resident lived. In 2004, Penny started her job as a DSP and CMA for DSNWK. She has worked 8 years at the house on Plumb Street, Atwood, Ks, where 8 mentally handicapped consumers live.
On the 25th of January, they had her retirement Party at the PDC Center in Atwood, Kansas. One of her men summed it up nicely when she asked him if he knew what "retirement " meant.  He said " Go to Bed !!! "
Penny plans to help her husband, Gary, farm and do some traveling . They live in McDonald, Kansas ( N.W. KS ) and her husband is now Mayor .

On Penny's facebook page, Jan. 25, 2012, she posted . . . .
"Just got home from my retirement party !!! It was the best ever !!!
Thanks you all for the bamboo plant, live flowers from my girlfriend, Carol at Topeka, Ks., Beautiful cake, good punch, cards, taking pictures, drawn pictures, 2 sticks of gum and all the "well wishes".
Going to miss you all !!!! There is a great bunch of people working at P.D.C and the individuals we work for are the best in the world !!!
Again thanks to all !!!!!"


Penny also wrote on Dec 21, 2011 . . . .
"Happy New Year -- wind is blowing 60 m.p.h. here and it's snowing !!!!!! Nasty day !!!!
20 work days until retirement !!!! YEA!!!!!!

We are so ready !!!  Gary is going to buy me a new dish washer for my birthday present in January !!!!! That way I will have more time to drive tractor--- Ha!!!!!  Ready for next spring so I can help him with work field before he plants corn.. I can work aheady of him with my John Deere Tracor and he can plant with his caterpillar tracor on tracks. It's going to be so much fun !!!!
 Love, Penny"
From all of us on the Paradise Blog, we want to Congratulate you Penny, and Best Wishes on your retirement.  From what we read, we wonder if you are really retiring or if you are just changing jobs.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Helen Dodson had her 93rd Birthday October 5th
This picture was taken Thanksgiving of 2011
She is amazing!