Monday, December 22, 2014


I received this from Millard this morning

I guess I had better bring you up to speed on what is happening here. Onnalee is in the hospital at Topeka. She began getting sick Thursday of last week. Lots of stomach pain, nausea etc. and could not eat. Finally she got weak enough that she could not get up. She was transported to the Emporia hospital and from there to Stormont-Vail Hospital in Topeka. X-rays showed that there was a couple of kidney stones blocking one of her kidneys and caused infection to develop. They were able to remove one stone.The other stone was pushed back up into her kidney and a stint installed so that hopefully it will be able to pass on out now. If it doesn’t, they will have to go back in and/or do something to break it up.

Jim, she is very sick. The Dr. told me that it would be a long recovery for her. With all of her other problems, I am pretty concerned and a little frightful about the future. Things do not look to good right now. I will plan to work at the pharmacy this morning and then probably go to Topeka soon as I get off around noon. Would appreciate your prayers.