Friday, April 27, 2012


In Feb. I put a post on this blog about Carol Mlynar.

I have since found out that Carol taught in Paradise 1948-1949 and 1949-1950.
Millard keeps in contact with his college roommate and Dave (Millard's college roommate) said that Carol and her husband taught in Grainfield 1957 through 1959. 
Yesterday I received an email from Jay Anderson saying . . . .
"Miss Mylnar, as all female teachers were called, even when we knew she was married and her husband was in school at Ft. Hays. I think on the GI Bill. She and another teacher stayed at Mr. Harolds. I was back from the army and in vet. school the next time I saw her. Seems there was a story dad always told about the battery in her car being dead so a bunch ot the upper class boys pushed her and the car down mainstreet until they ran out of breath, they then found out she had did not realize she had to put the car in gear.
Jay Anderson"

I sent an email to Carol Mylnar's daughter-in-law, Bobbi Mlynar telling her about Jay's story.
Bobbi replied back . . . .
"How funny! Carol was a really bright woman, but definitely not mechanically minded. LOL!
 Thanks for sending this on so we could enjoy it,
I was unpacking a box a few weeks ago and found a spiral notebook that said "Recipes" on the front of it.  It was Millard's Mother's.  I was in the mood for looking at some of her "many" recipes, so I sat down in the recliner and opened the book.  It was a journal of Paradise Alumni and Paradise High School Teachers from 1914 through 1966.  I was somewhat disappointed about the recipe's but I felt like I hit a gold mine with this information.  I will post the list of teachers at a later date.  The Paradise Directory, which you can buy when you go to the Reunion, has a great list of alumni.  This journal of  Teachers, in the Recipe Book, told about the years that Carol Mylnar being a teacher at PHS.
Thanks for your email Jay.  We love all the memories that each of you share.



I received an email from Vada Krumeide.
Or rather, Millard received it and he sent it to me.

We love to receive your emails and comments . . . .
From Vada . . . .

"I read with interest what Devin Strecker wrote and would like to comment to him. I have fond memories of Eva Strecker. She was our Sunday School teacher and wanted the class to memorize the books of the bible and recite it the following Sunday. I had forgotten about it until just before leaving for Sunday School. I went over these a number of times and then I was the only one in the class to try reciting them. Even though I stumbled a few times, I did finish and Eva gave me a gift for this.

Vada (Dwinelle) Krumwiede
Class of 1958 - PHS"

Vada, Millard joins you with the fond memories of Eva Strecker as S.S. Teacher.  She must have been a very special and knowledgable teacher.  Devin, you would have enjoyed her for a S.S. teacher too. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I sent an email to Dan Hoisington and asked if he knew of anyone that would have time to go to the Paradise gymnasium to take some pictures of some of the Class Photos hanging on the wall.
This was my email . . .

"Hmmmmm! Do you know of anyone that would have time to go to the gym and take a picture of the Class of 1949? And then another one of the same class getting closer to Neva Lee Reich?
I was just a wondering! "

Then I sent another email . . . just a few minutes later saying . . . .

"Oh! By the way . . . . the photos that I have from you of the classes that are hanging in the gym are .  1950-51 - 1952-53 - 54-55 - 56-57 - on up through 71.
Just in case you are wondering."

A few minutes later . . while he was thinking, probably, I sent another email . . .

"Gary Duvall was the class of 1972 and Neva Lee Reich is the class of 1949.
I have the class photos of 1950 through 1971.
Of course, I'm not PUSHY at all.  I was just asking him if he knew of anyone.
This morning he sent me several pictures of the Class Photos.  I am so glad that he was once a former student.  I doubt if he is glad that I was his former teacher.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Gary W. Duvall

Gary W. Duvall, 59, Hoxie, died Friday, April 13, 2012, in rural Sheridan County.
He was born Aug. 20, 1953, in Russell to Guy Waring Duvall and Vera Louise Keith.

Survivors include a son, Guy Butler, Cumby, Texas; a brother, Bryan Duvall, Edmond, Okla.; and two sisters, Lana Duvall, St. Francis, and Lisa Duvall, Ellinwood.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday (April 26th) at Mickey-Leopold Funeral Home, Hoxie; private inurnment at a later date.
There will be no visitation.
Memorials are suggested to the donor's choice and can be sent in care of the funeral home, P.O. Box 987, Hoxie, KS 67740.


Saturday, April 21, 2012



Forrest and Trudy appeared in a concert version of "Titanic, The Musical", April 13 & 14 (8 pm) and April 15 (2pm) in "The Lodge in Ironwood Park" at 14701 Mission Road, Leawood Kansas.

On April 6th, I received an email from Forrest telling me about the musical that he and his daughter, Trudy were in.  I was waiting on a photo of the two of them to put the announcement on.  That was certainly the wrong way to do it.  The musical was April 13th & 14th and I waited too late for pictures.  However, today I went into facebook and found some excellent photos.  So rather than announcing the production I am featuring Forrest and Trudy in the production that they have performed in. 

The Leawood Stage Company, in cooperation with Leawood Parks and Recreation,  presented a concert style production of the Broadway musical Titanic: The Musical in the Lodge at Ironwoods Park, 14701 Mission Road, Leawood, KS.

Trudy has written on her facebook profile . . . .
"I'm playing Alice Beane again! Incredibly moving experience for anyone wishing to memorialize the occasion."

Trudy also posted . . . .
"Wow! So proud of this show! If not the first, this is the only review I can remember in which I'm mentioned specifically! Thanks to terrific cast, staff and orchestra for a wonderful experience. And to all those who came to watch! It was the perfect way to memorialize this tragedy."

Forrest also told me that he and his granddaughter, Lauryn Hurley, are appearing in an outdoor theatre production of "Fiddler on the Roof" in July.  
I will do my best to do a better job announcing this BEFORE the production, as soon as Forrest sends the information.    

.Millard's computer is "down" but he just read this post and he said . . . .
"I'm not surprised the Frosty is doing this.  He is probably having the time of his life.  He had a fantastic tenor voice and he could really belt it out.  I'm sure he was an audience pleaser."


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Class of 1965
put this on his facebook profile
Mon. - April 16, 2012

If you see someone driving this 4-wheeler around
call the Brian County Sheriff 580-924-3000.

If you were reading this Paradise Blog in 2009, you might remember that I posted 3 posts about Terry building a garage.  You can click on each link below. 

About Terry and the beginning process of building his garage
Terry's Garage Process
Terry's Garage Almost Finished
Terry posted the picture with the above caption on facebook, then made a comment that their shop was broken into early Sunday morning - "Cleaned, including the 4-wheeler."
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Terry & Kristine as they go through this time in their lives.
We are very Thankful that they were safe and unharmed during this robbery.  They didn't know it was happening.  That is good.  However, Terry is probably a pretty good sharp shooter, had he known.  Sometimes it is better that we don't know.

Wed. - April 18, 2012
Terry Posted this

Terry had this Comment under the photo . . . .
"Well the Deputy Sheriff found it and some of the stolen loot. Two sixteen year olds are in Juvenile detention in OK city. The lake was white capping Sunday and Monday splashing waves over the top of the seats. We got it out this morning. All my tools were thrown as far out in the lake as they could throw them. I spent most of the morning with a rake up to my armpits in water raking up tools that I could reach. They broke out the windshield and rear view mirror, and unscrewed the gas cap and threw it into the lake which allowed water and sand in it. The Insurance totaled it.
Used a whole can of WD-40 cleaning up tools."

Terry later made another Comment after Lois Rounkles Bonar (Class of 1960) asked Terry how they caught the teenagers  . . . .

"Lois, the Grandma turned them in."

Hmmm!  I'm sure that is a very unpopular Grandma right now, but she certainly needs to be admired for being so brave and doing what is right.  Perhaps we should all say a prayer or two for that Grandma.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Schnauzer Convention
Paradise, Kansas
Friday, April 13, 2012

These Schnauzers are all related.   This was the first Schnauzer Convention in Paradise and they are hoping for more Schnauzers next year. 
The shy silver Schnauzer on the back right is Mona & Dan Hoisington's dog - "Penny."
"Penny Ann" when Dan is mad at her.
Editor's note - The white dog with brown trim in the front must be an imposter, or was he an uninvited guest?

Monday, April 16, 2012


I received an email from Evelyn Richardson. 
I love to hear that different ones are reading the blog and the information that they give to me.  Thank You Evelyn.
Onnalee and Millard,
You asked when we were teachers in Paradise. We
lived in Fairport and Hugh drove the High School bus from Fairport to
I taught 5th and 6th grades in 1952 and 1953 and 1st and 2nd

grades 1953 through 1956 in Paradise. Hugh taught business classes and English those same years in Paradise, also. We never taught in Fairport.               
 (The above photo was taken at the 2010 Paradise Reunion.)
I'm sorry to be so slow to respond, but we spend the winter in South Texas and do not have access to a computer. Since returning home I am just getting to e-mails.
Thanks for all the Paradise news that you send, Onnalee.
We are planning to be at the reunion this summer and are looking forward to seeing everyone.
Evelyn and Hugh Richardson

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


From Janette Angel Ross . . . .
There are 2 updates at the bottom.

"Wanted to let you know that mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday – said she couldn’t seem to get her breath. We were getting ready to go to her chiropractor for that continual back pain she experiences, but she called and said she didn’t feel like going and felt a little nauseated. I called her PCP, Dr Feehan, and his nurse (after visiting with him & talking directly to mom) said to call 911 and get her to the hospital.
Boy, she did not want me to call 911 - the neighbors would
have to hear that siren and she didn’t think she was that bad off.  I called back to the nurse who insisted we use the ambulance for better service once she got to the hospital. So I called 911.  I told them how she was feeling and all that entailed, but advised that it was Dr’s orders!!  We only live 3 miles from the hospital.

About 11 people were in mom’s home in about 10 mins: fire truck, police and ambulance. It was amazing. At the hospital they diagnosed her with CHF. They are draining fluid from her lungs and heart with a patch to her heart. No needles and it seems to be working. She seems to be doing fine, but they kept her overnight and doing more testing so I’m getting ready to go back up to Olathe Medical Center. Please keep her in your prayers!  Love you all, Janette

PS: She’s at the Olathe Medical Center Room 422. But I’m sure she’ll be back home today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know!
Phone is 913-791-4200. Ask for 422 room #.
Home address is . . . .

I’ll try to keep you informed. Love you!"

Please pray for Garnett and Janette too.  I didn't add her home address.  If you would like to send a card to Garnett, please email me and I will give you her address.  I just don't like to put addresses on blogs. 


We received an update from Janette . . . .
"They are keeping her another night to run some stress tests tomorrow!

The doctor thinks she will get to come home then."


An update from Janette on April 12th . . . .
"Thank you for all the prayers – I did bring mom home yesterday around 4 pm. She is was very tired wanted to catch up on sleep. I kept the grand boys after I got her settled, so we mowed her lawn and checked on her until about 7:30 pm. Mom loves visiting with her great grand boys. They have so many stories to tell her. Keeps her on her toes to just sit and listen to them. They like to over talk the other, so I have to remind them, one story at a time. She didn’t want me to spend the night, but I was up there around 10:15 pm to help her with her meds. Just walking around her home seems to wear her out and she said she still felt SOB this morning. Sounded really good on the phone,  however, but until I can get up there, I had her call her DR, needed to make her appointment for next week also. She had already cancelled her hair appointment for today. Sounds really good on the phone. I’ll go up this afternoon.She’s on a very low sodium diet. So has to keep track of sodium content in all foods she eats. I’m calling Home Health Care as they visited with her about meals on wheels. It’s a good idea for a couple of weeks.
They offer other services too so she might as well use them. I work at our church a few days each week, so it will be nice to know that someone is there with her. She has a couple of pamphlets on CHF and it’s so good to know that people survive into their late 90’s with it. Just need to quit smoking and watch sodium – only one alcoholic drink per day. Doesn’t smoke or drink so if we can keep the sodium under control she should do fine. Actually, she eats very little and I’m surprised that sodium would even be a problem for her – but she is already keeping track."

SOB - Short of Breath.  Just had to clarify that.  :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


My brother and I stumbled across this blog that we have been reading with great interest:

You might already be aware of it. It's a gentleman who lives in Lucas, KS, and writes about his travels around rural Kansas.
His ancestors built a lot of the structures in Osborne County and beyond.
Thought you would enjoy it.
I also really enjoyed your post about Iva Marr. I am interested in doing some research about her, but don't know when I'll have time. But I have an idea for a story, maybe primarily fiction because I doubt I will ever be able to do enough factual research, but here's my story and my idea.

This part is true. My parents moved onto the Fowler Farm in the mid-'70's before I was born, right after they got married. Did you mention you lived there too at one time? For some reason I thought maybe you said you had. Anyway, my grandma Eva Strecker had lived there at some point I know. The house we lived in was built by the Fowler brothers and they had even set it in stone on the front steps of the house - it spelled out "FOWLER." I believe there was a house on the same location prior. In fact I always thought that part of the original basement had been used for our basement, maybe they just expanded it, because one corner of the basement seemed much older than the rest, but that could just be my memory playing tricks on me. However I'm sure there was another house in the same area as where ours was. One day my mom was out in the garden which was south of the house. She was digging around probably planting or weeding and somehow she found a gold wedding band! Imagine the chances of finding a tiny ring in the dirt on a farm. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. This was one of the first "mysteries" I ever was interested in as a child. I often wondered who's wedding band that had been, and I liked to imagine there was a whole story about it. Then, recently, I was reading through that history book that I bought at the church event a few years ago when we were all having lunch at the gymnasium. It's the book with the photo of Iva Marr on the front. One of the stories in there mentions that our farm used to be called the Dan Marr Ranch (I think, I don't have the book with me at the moment). So I got to thinking, maybe Iva Marr lived on our farm, and maybe it was HER ring. Maybe someone proposed to her and she didn't want to go through with the marriage and she threw the ring into the field? Anyway I thought it could make an interesting story. What do you think?

Thanks for the thoughts about Iva Marr, Devin.  It sounds like it could be a true story to me.  :)
No, I didn't live in the Fowler Farm Home.  I lived with Maude Robbins until Millard & I were married.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The reason we are living is because Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
He shed his blood for us and gave us life so we could be free from sin.
We appreciate the gift of "Salvation".
Let us be thankful and be true to whom we serve, "The King of King and "Lord of Lord".
No man can replace Jesus.
He is the Alfa and Omega -
the beginning to the end.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

LOL! Laughing Out Loud at DUANE CRONN

"I can relate to Roger Pruter’s comments about Patty Hoopes sitting beside him and getting him in trouble. In Mr. Anderson’s class, first thing in the morning, Patty Hoopes sit behind me. The rare times that I didn’t know the answer, Patty would kick my chair and make fun of me. I know Patty grows tomatoes but I wanted you to know the other side of her.
Duane Cronn"

A Note from the Harrell's . . .
Yes, Patty grows tomatoes but Duane grows them too . . . . and every bit as big. 
Maybe we need to have a "Tomatoe Grow Off" between Patty and Duane.  They can send them to us and we can declare a winner.  It may take several different shipments throughout the summer for us to decide.   


Friday, April 6, 2012


From Roger and Jan Pruter
← Don Deane
"Recently, Jan and I had an extended five week RV trip starting in Hattiesburg, MS for an Airstream business meeting. From there we traveled West to the Tucson, Marina and Phoenix area to visit relatives, family and to relax in the sun.
One of our goals was to look up one of our former teachers at Paradise High, Don Deane. We have kept in touch with Don over the past several years. We spent the day with Don reminiscing about the good old days in Paradise and touring the park he resides in.
Don and Barbara lived in Paradise from 1956 thru 1959. Don taught typing, shorthand and accounting, Barbara taught Home Ec. To this day, I have one memory of Don. We were in typing class and he hit me over the head with that thick book. I do remember Patty Hoopes was sitting beside me bothering me and I'm the one that got caught. Don mentioned that he could not have done that as He was too nice of a guy.
Don retired in 1986 after teaching in Hoxie, Ks, his home town. His Father owned the IH, Plymouth and Desota dealership from 1945 to 1960 in Hoxie.
Don and Barbara had two boys, Dave who now lives Durango and Don who resides in Littleton, Co.
Don and Barbara moved to Az. In 1999.  That same year Don lost the love of his life, Barbara. Don is now 81 years young and doing well.  He plays golf two times a week.
The memories Don brought up include the fun times spent boating and pulling skiers on the Reich pond. Another time he said was making a call from Paradise and he told the party on the other end that he would call them the next day. Ethel Durham (our switchboard operator) called Don the next day to see if he was going to call them back, not that anybody was listening to his first call.
Another memory Don recalled was that he was in the process of obtaining the teaching job in Paradise. He was calling long distance for John Angel ( school board member) in Paradise, the operator told him to sober up and call back tomorrow.
Another memory of good old Paradise

Roger & Jan"
Thank You Roger & Janet for the picture and your story.  What a neat time you must have had and you made it interesting for us too. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have noticed that we have several Followers with unfamiliar names. 
I do NOT click on their logo/name if I do not know them.
You can see the FOLLOWERS  under the Pirate on the left.
We receive many notices trying to make Comments that are Spam. 
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I have added Sherlock to our Administrators list so in time perhaps we can get some of the Followers removed. 
HOWEVER,  we would love it if YOU would click on the FOLLOWERS 
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I have received some Comments the past two weeks by way of email.
We love Comments and to make it easier for each of you, since I received them after new posts have been published, at this time I am going to post them all at once, rather than under the Title of each post.  When the comments are sent directly to the blog they are approved and on each story.  You can keep up with the comments by looking on the left side of the newest story - scrolling down to Recent Comments - under the Click here for Blogs/Comments.

Comment concerning the Memorial for LORRAINE ANSCHUTZ.
From Jon Anderson
"I was saddened to hear that Gary's mother, Lorraine (never clear to me how spelled) had passed away, as I was for Gary's dad, Jake. Jake had been our grade school basketball coach and I think all of we kids liked him very much. For him it was a voluntary effort but he liked to work with kids and he was in fact a pretty good coach.
I liked Jake because he let me drive a pickup, the first time I ever drove anything. Jake had a bunch of us, probably Van, maybe Roger, maybe Millard, and certainly Gary, help him bringing in baled hay. We had to have been in grade school then. Apparently I had some problem getting the hay in the pickup so I got made the pickup driver: the pickup was in compound gear and going about as fast as you could walk and I think my job was not to run into the bales.
I am shocked that I cannot attend the reunion this year. I knew a reunion had not definitely been scheduled so Dorothy and I agreed to go with another couple on a cruise. This should be enjoyable but I will miss the reunion very much. There can't be many more left to occur, we both know.
I trust you and Millard are well and my best to you.  Jon"

A note to Jon . . . We are shocked that you & Dorothy cannot attend the reunion this year too Jon. 
The idea - you chose a cruise above the Paradise Reunion!  Shame on you! 

Comment concerning the "SPUD" WHITMAN Memorial.
From Loa Copp
"Oh, how sad!!!! I have SO many good memories of him..........He always let me ride his horse when we went to see him cause he knew I loved horses......."

Comment concerning the Memorial for JOHN LOREG JR and the PARADISE TRIVIA.
From Jerry Webster

The children of John and Gertrude Loreg are daughters, Vioda and Ruby, and sons, Swede (the oldest) Marvin and John Jr.
I remember this as they lived right across the street from us. In 1956 I met Swede in Honolulu on the way to Korea, and we met again in Japan while he was in the US Navy and I was in the US Air Force in 1956.
Also as a bit of information, Elbert "Spud" Whitman was also known as "Tater"
Jerry Webster"

"After I sent the last email it dawned on me that Swede's first name was Randall.   Jerry"

Now we have some questions about this.  Swede is Randall and not Marvin?
Also, who was "Junie"?

Also, notice the published Comment from Doug Huchteman under DELMAR LANDIS CLASS OF 1965.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Delmar Landis

Delmar Landis, 64, died April 1, 2012 following a sudden illness.
He was born July 9, 1947 in Russell, KS to parents Delbert and Veta (Robertson) Landis.
Delmar went to Fairport Grade School, Paradise High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree at Bethany Nazarene College.

Delmar’s family thanks the doctors, nurses and staff at Deaconess Hospital for the excellent care he was given.
He was preceded in death by his mother and brother, Charles.

He is survived by his father; sister, Virginia; brother, Don; niece, Denise Maddox; nephews, David Landis, David Maddox and Dale Maddox; numerous grandnieces; one grandnephew; and many friends.
Delmar was the type of person that never met a stranger and was always smiling, teasing and laughing.  Delmar worked for the Bethany Police Department for the past 32 years and was not looking forward to the time when he would have to retire. A special thanks to the Bethany Police Department and all employees of the City of Bethany for their support during this trying time. Delmar worked part-time as a security guard at Hertz on his nonscheduled day and enjoyed it. 

Viewing will be Tuesday, 9am-9pm at Mercer-Adams.
Funeral services will be held at Mercer-Adams Chapel, Wednesday, April 4, 2:00 pm.
Graveside service will be Thursday, 10:00 am in the Fairport Cemetery, Fairport, KS.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I just received a message that
Delmar Landis passed away this morning.
Will post more when information is available.
This picture was taken at the 2010 Paradise Reunion.
From left to right -
Delmar Landis (1965), Gerald Miller (1951),
Don Landis (1963), Warren Eulert (1963)

Our prayers are with the Landis family at this time.  They have had so many losses this past year. 

Veta died July 16, 2011   Veta Lorene Landis
Charles died August 15, 2011  Delta Charles "Charlie" Landis

Delbert, Virginia & Don, we are so sorry for your loss and be assured, we are thinking of you and praying for you at this time.


My Sherlock Paradise Blog Partner sent this to me a couple of days ago. 
This was the reason we started talking about the post that I moved to the top from 7-3-2008.  We were talking about "Swede." 
Of course, I had forgotten that I even had posted the "Paradise Trivia" post, but Sherlock has a memory of an elephant.
His email . . . .

Is this the John Loreg Jr. from Paradise? Did they also call him Swede?

Obituary for John Loreg Jr.
Dover, Del. - John Loreg, Jr. of, Milford, DE, passed away at his home Monday, March 19, 2012. Mr. Loreg was the son of the late John and Gertrude (Rolfe) Loreg, Sr. He worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission retiring in 1987. He was a veteran of the Navy serving during the Korean War.

Mr. Loreg is survived by his wife, Peggy (Allmong) Loreg, his children, Laura Cheezum and her husband Bobby, John Alan Loreg Jr. and his wife Andrea, of Crofton Md.; four grandchildren, Joshua Cheezum, John Alan Loreg II, Michael Robert Cheezum and Matthew James Loreg.

Graveside services will be held Monday, March 26, 2012 at 11 a.m. In the Crownsville Veterans Cemetery, 1122 Sunrise Beach Rd. Crownsville, MD.
In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Alzheimer's Association, Georgetown Regional Office, P.O. Box 625, Georgetown, DE. 19947.

Arrangement handled by Berry-Short Funeral Home, Milford, DE.

After discussion with Sherlock, Dan Hoisington and me, Millard said that John Jr's parents were John and Gertrude so we all agree that this is the obituary for the John Loreg, Jr that we know. 
And . . . to qualify our conclusion, Sherlock found this link from the

Victoria Advocate - Victoria, Texas - Dec. 11, 1940. 

Read the Blue Highlighted after clicking on 
Yes, John joined the Navy - as the obituary stated.