Saturday, April 21, 2012



Forrest and Trudy appeared in a concert version of "Titanic, The Musical", April 13 & 14 (8 pm) and April 15 (2pm) in "The Lodge in Ironwood Park" at 14701 Mission Road, Leawood Kansas.

On April 6th, I received an email from Forrest telling me about the musical that he and his daughter, Trudy were in.  I was waiting on a photo of the two of them to put the announcement on.  That was certainly the wrong way to do it.  The musical was April 13th & 14th and I waited too late for pictures.  However, today I went into facebook and found some excellent photos.  So rather than announcing the production I am featuring Forrest and Trudy in the production that they have performed in. 

The Leawood Stage Company, in cooperation with Leawood Parks and Recreation,  presented a concert style production of the Broadway musical Titanic: The Musical in the Lodge at Ironwoods Park, 14701 Mission Road, Leawood, KS.

Trudy has written on her facebook profile . . . .
"I'm playing Alice Beane again! Incredibly moving experience for anyone wishing to memorialize the occasion."

Trudy also posted . . . .
"Wow! So proud of this show! If not the first, this is the only review I can remember in which I'm mentioned specifically! Thanks to terrific cast, staff and orchestra for a wonderful experience. And to all those who came to watch! It was the perfect way to memorialize this tragedy."

Forrest also told me that he and his granddaughter, Lauryn Hurley, are appearing in an outdoor theatre production of "Fiddler on the Roof" in July.  
I will do my best to do a better job announcing this BEFORE the production, as soon as Forrest sends the information.    

.Millard's computer is "down" but he just read this post and he said . . . .
"I'm not surprised the Frosty is doing this.  He is probably having the time of his life.  He had a fantastic tenor voice and he could really belt it out.  I'm sure he was an audience pleaser."


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