Wednesday, July 30, 2008



THANK YOU so much to the committees for taking so much time out of their busy schedules to make this a SPLENDID evening for EVERYONE.

It takes every person in every committee to make an event such as this so successful, but I have heard from many people about the outstanding work that
Deborah Maupin has done, working on the Paradise Alumni Informatin and Statistics and fitting everything together for a special time as this. Thank You Deborah.

Also, THANK YOU to the Paradise United Methodist Church Congregation for such
an inspirational service the next morning. The choir - including the choir director, pianist and organist - was fantastic and it was just a fine continuance from the night before.

Many hours and hard work resulted in an absolutely FANTASTIC TIME for all of us.

Thank You! Thank You!


Registration Table

Deborah (Bealby) Maupin (73)
Donna (Schmidtberger) Albrecht
Roger Puter (58)

Bob (40) & Ula Robbins

Vernon (54) & Merilyn 62) White
Sue & Forrest "Frosty" (56) White
I think there was some silliness going on. So glad I captured it. Ha!

Jeanne & Van (58)

Brad (74) & Kimberly

Tom Maupin (69)
Pam (Krob) (69) &
Charles (69) Terry

A little bit about Tom Maupin. He was so generous. I chose not to take photos of people alone, so Tom remained on hand to help me out, in order to fulfill my wishes. Then . . . . he said it was OK to be photographed with Pam and Charles, as he used to date Pam.

And . . . . he said he used to date Jane too, so I could take his picture with her too. The thing of it is . . . . the gals must not have a very good memory, as they can't remember dating Tom.

Thanks Tom for buying a Paradise Directory for us.
We certainly would not be able to label these pictures without it.

Tom Maupin (69) &
Jane Hutchison (74)

Larry Morrill & Millard
Larry was waiting for us to arrive so he could
visit with Millard. Larry and Millard went to
Mexico together the summer after Larry graduated
from college. Millard had taught 1 year at Luray at
that time. They had a great time. Many Memories!


Our Oldest Alumni Present

Isn't she Beautiful?

My! What Charm!
So Stylish and Elegant!
Vada Krumwiede sent an email stating that her Mother celebrated her 97th birthday July 24, 2008. She said that her Mother maneuvers around in a wheelchair at times but tries to use her walker most of the time.
Wow! She is a very amazing lady.

Edith (Paxton) Dwinelle (32)

Edith & Millard
This picture is for Millard's aunt
Helen Dodson Burger (36). She
is unable to attend the reunions,
but would enjoy seeing her friends.

Bob Robbins (40),
Lex (40) & Florence Thompson

Louise (Corwin) Elliott (40),
Garnett (White) Angel (45),
Janette (Angel) Ross (64)
Violet (White) Parsons (40)

Ruth & Myron (44) Bartlett

Garnett (White) Angel (45)
Marilyn (Elliott) Hoopes (57)
Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber (70)

William Czar (Teacher),
Leo Baum (69)
Spud Whitman (Friend)

Jay (53) & Ann Anderson,
Carolyn (Mrs. Ben) Howe,
Jo Anne (Howe) Moore (49)

Sandra (Whitman) Mead (71)
Spud & Beth Whitman
(Sandra's parents)

Millard and Hugh & Evelyn
Richarson (Teachers)

Janet Pruter, Janet (Howe) Ralstin (64)
Diane Hoisington Hanzlic (57),
Miss Virginia - Virginia Robertson

Judy (Hutchison) Tomei (71)
Sheila (Krob) Kraft (64)

Larry Hoopes (54),
Dick Wilson (65)
Jay Anderson (53)

Denzil McNeal (57)
Larry Hoopes (54)

Larry needs to get
I told him that I
would get him back
on the blog.
It is coming Larry.

Roger Pruter (58)
Dorene (Reich) Chrisler (58)
Angela (Krob) McNeal
Sheila (Krob) Kraft (64)

Verlin Cronk (58)
Dorene (Reich) Chrisler (58)
Reva (Grant) Bear (58

Sonja (Thompson) Wiesgerber (70)
Bill & Diane (Hoisington) Hanzlicek (57)

Roger (58) & Janet Pruter

Steve (67) & Carol Mead

Devin Strecker with his aunt
Jan (McNeal) Strecker (63)

Kendall (69) & Vickie
(Scott) (68) Elliott

Elaine (Heitschmidt)
Vanderlaan (65),
Janette (Angel) Ross (64)
Jan (McNeal) Strecker (63)
Rodney Heitschmidt (63)

Dorothy & Jon (58) Anderson

Eric (58) & Mollie Haberer
Millard Harrell (58)

Dennis Albrect (60)
Sue (Thompson) Heitschmidt (62)
Millard Harrell (59)
Gene Eulert (59)
Rodney Heitschmidt (63)

Warren Eulert (63)
Janette (Angel) (64) &
Richard Ross

(I captured another joke with Marvin & Richard. As an X teacher
I see a lot of mischief in those 2 guys.)

Joyce (Howe) Thompson (51)
Gene Chrisler

Ben Howe (54)

Ben and I were sitting together at a table in the "Quiet Room". I looked at his name tag and said, "Ben Howe. Oh! Are you Janet's Dad?" I think of Janet and all of my students being much younger than just 4 or 5 years younger than I am. And . . . I was not really thinking correctly at that time.

Ben smiled and said "No, I am her younger brother - Oh!! I mean older brother." We laughed about it and decided we were getting tired. At that time, I just decided to take his picture. I am so glad I did and that we visited a little bit. He was a real gentleman.

Eric Haberer (59)
Millard Harrell (59)
Neva (Bartlett) Anderson (59)

This was also in the quiet room, at almost midnight.
Can you tell? A lot of visiting had been going on before
this picture was taken. I think the carriage was just
about ready to turn into a pumpkin.
(You must click on this one to make it larger to
understand what I mean.)

Joan (Thompson) (48) &
Don McCall

J.R. Hutchison (77)
Myron Barlett (44)
Gene Chrisler

Classes of 63, 64 & 65

Janet (Howe) Ralstin (64)
Janette (Angel) Ross (64)
Rodney Heitschmidt (63)
Elaine (Heitschmidt) Vanderlaan (65)
Delmar Landis (65)
Terry Martin (65)
Richard Ross

The first year I met Richard, he was different
than this year. Talk about mischief! Actually,
he is ONE good looking Guy!

Janet (Howe) Ralstin (64)
Janice (McNeal) Strecker (63)
Louise (Houser) Shearer (64)
Rodney Heitschmidt (63)
Janette (Angel) Ross (64)
Warren Eulert (63)
Sheila (Krob) Kraft (64)
Fred Miller (64)
Donna (Schmidtberger) Albrecht

Our Musicians at our Wedding
Janette (Angel) Ross
Elaine (Heitschmidt) Vanderlaan

(I must put on more make up and pull my wrinkles off two years from now.)

The girls are even more
beautiful today.
The middle young lady
(in the picture below)
is Jolene Novotny from
Luray - Millard's student.

Janith (Rodgers) Hedricks (56)
Jeanne & Van ((58) Hoisington
John "Ex" Rodgers (53)

(We failed to find Jon Anderson
to complete the picture.
Jon, we did try for an instant.)
Millard, Janith, Jeanne,
Van and John "Ex"

The Dan & Mona Hoisington Family
Craig Hoisington (90)
Matt Hoisington (89)
Matt's wife - Mary Rose
Dan Hoisington (67)
Craig's wife - Kimberly Dawn

When we took the picture of Dan and his family, we tried to find Mona. Then when I started putting these pictures on the blog, I really felt bad that we did not take the time to find her.
Here is a picture of Mona in the Choir on Sun. Wow! What a choir director's delight!
Janette and Mona, both, have the perfect posture.
Janette & Mona