Friday, April 26, 2013


This is the Stats of our  Internal Paradise Blog today. 
Pageviews yesterday -  59
Pageviews last month - 2,402
Pageviews all time history - 85,579
Thank You for your Support!
I noticed that the counter is off almost 5,000. 
There is nothing I can do with technology.  
If it fails, I'm definitely in trouble!   


One question . . . .
Who in the class of      Click on → Class of 1961       is texaschilicook?

Read his/her comment on the left - latest comment.

Millard and I are very curious.  By way of deduction - after looking at the Class picture -  is the texaschilicook Stanley Pitt or Lyle Oswald?  You are driving us crazy!

OK!  Another deduction. 
None of the 1961 graduates listed in the Paradise Directory are from San Antonio, Texas.
  However, Stanley Pitts is not listed.  Stanley is it YOU?

Read the new comment to the left - or Click on Class of 1961  above - and you will see it is Stanley Rex Pitts.
Stanley, evidently they don't have an address for you for our Paradise directory but I'm sure they would love to update the directory - with your name in it with the Class of 1961 - for the June (or is it July?) 2014 reunion.  It won't be updated until next year but feel free to send your address anytime so we can get it to Deb, Dan & Eric.  You can send it to my email address if you would care to.  Thanks so much for the comment so we can be in contact with you.
My email address is under the Paradise Water Tower at the top left.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Our news has been very dismal the last few weeks. 
Also, I have not  been very creative with finding something to put on this blog.
However, I received this in an email this morning and thought . . . we really need to enjoy and appreciate our freedom.
God Bless each of you and I still appreciate each of you for checking in on the blog daily. 

Our counter has decided to quit, but the blog has an internal counter on it so I will get this to working as soon as possible.

We are very blessed! We can disagree but still get along! Right?
We are all free to put up Our Flag!