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Sorry I am so slow!
I know that I do not have pictures of EVERYONE that was at the reunion. I will apologize right now for that.
We took 137 pictures. Some of the pictures did not turn out and it wasn't my camera's fault. I don't know what I clicked on when I took the pictures. I had 5 black pictures. :(
And, of all pictures . . . I took several of Millard's cousin (Thelma Hutchinson) and her family so we could give them to Aunt Helen. I even sneaked them in so Thelma wouldn't know it. Well, she still won't know it and what a disappointment to us to not be able to send them to Aunt Helen. There were others too, some I don't recall who I was taking of and some I am very disappointed about.

If anyone has any pictures of the class of 1960 at Meridy's and all the classes in the Blue room, the reunion itself and/or Sun at church or the dinner, I would love to add them to the blog.
Email them to me
I would appreciate having them identified.

Thank You so much for your interest in the blog. I write down the daily counter each morning and I am very pleased to see so many hits. I'm sure a few of you check in several times each day (as I have been told) but I enjoy knowing that you are checking in on the blog each day.

Don't forget . . .
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Lisk Productions
Russell, KS
Lisa Arnoldy
The class of 1960 hired Lisa Arnoldy to take pictures at their reunion get together in the afternoon. What beautiful photos! My goodness, these members of the 1960 class already have their Christmas card photos! I am very impressed with Lisa's work.
I have tried to figure out a way to put each of these photos on the blog. Naturally, Lisa has protected her beautiful work from being used - which would allow people to make copies of each photo, thus keeping her from selling her masterpieces.
Enjoy these photos by clicking on her Paradise Reunion link on her web site.

Class of 1960 - what a wise choice of photographers to capture such splendid sittings of your class members.


Click on each photo to make it larger

Deb (Bealby) Maupin (1973), Karen (Lahar) Carney (1973), Gene Eulert (1959)

Millard Harrell (1959)
Isn't that an awesome pirate.
Somebody did a great job.

3 →
Millard Harrell, Eric Haberer (1959)


Eric Haberer, Charles Landis, Millard Harrell

← 5
Gene Bonar
(husband of Lois (Rounkles) Bonar),
Joyce (Rounkles) Mello (1957)
Angela (Krob) McNeal (1960)
Frances (Mrs. Robert) McNeal,
Sharon (Dwinelle) Leiker (1960)

Donnie (Martin) Miller (1960)
Karen (Hudnall) Jakub (1960)
Iva (Laughlin ) Byrd (1960)
Gene Bonar (husband of Lois Bonar)
Joyce (Rounkles) Mello (1957)
Lois (Rounkles) Bonar (1960)

← 7
Vernon White (1954)
Merilyn (Miller) White (1962)

Ron and Linda
(Hoopes) Beisner (1960)

← 9
Joyce (Howe) Thompson (1951)
Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber (1970)

10 →
Jay Anderson (1953)
Virginia Robertson "Miss Virginia"

← 11
Roger Pruter (1958)
Ernest Thacker (1958)
Thelma (Mrs. Ernest) Thacker

12 →
Diane (Hoisington) Hanzlicek (1957)
Sue Thompson (Heitschmidt (1962)
Mona (Mrs. Dan) Hoisington
Ann (Mrs. Jay) Anderson

← 13
Dorene (Reich) Chrisler (1958)
Dan Hoisington (1967)
Keith Jakub
Karen (Hudnall) Jakub (1960)

Ernest Thacker (1958)
Thelma Thacker


Thelma Thacker, Ernest Thacker (1958), Roger Pruter (1958),
Dorene (Reich) Chrisler (1958), Iva (Laughlin) Byrd (1960)
"Miss Virginia"
Virginia Robertson

← 17
Sue (Thompson) Heitschmidt (1962)
Miss Virginia
Thelma Thacker
Ernest Thacker (1958)
Roger Pruter (1958),
Donna (Ringler) Totman(1970)
Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber (1970)

← 19
Donna (Ringler) Totman (1970)
Miss Virginia

Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber (1970)
Sue (Thompson) Heitschmidt (1962)

← 21
Joe Zitnik (1961)
says to
Sue (Thompson) Heitschmidt (1962)
"Do you know who I am?"
She looks him over and thinks about it.
22 →
This is after she found out who he was

Ernest Thacker (1958)
Thelma (Mrs. Ernest) Thacker

Myron Brown (1962)
Miss Virginia

Hugh & Evelyn Richardson

← 26
Dick Woodall (Teacher)

Jan (Mrs. Roger) Pruter

Paul Elliott (1970)
Tom Maupin (1969)

← 28
Dorene (Reich) Chrisler (1958)

29 →
Richard Ross
(Husband of Janette (Angel) Ross)

← 3o
Bonnie Thompson (Mrs. Brett)
Tammy Hutchinson (Mrs. JR)

JR Hutchinson (1977)
Brett Thompson (1982)

Matt (1989) & Mary Hoisington

← 33
Dixie Finch Eggleston (Sister of Norma Jean Thompson)
Roger Thompson (1954)

Connie (Hudnall) Jahnke (1962) & her husband, Bill
Somebody's elbow came up just as I snapped the picture.

← 36
Dianna (Anschutz) Wise (1961)

37 →
Janette (Angel) Ross (1964)

Diane (Hoisington) Hanzlicek (1957)
Miss Virginia

Francis Mahoney (Teacher)
Miss Virginia (Teacher)
Class of 1960


Angela (Krob) McNeal, Linda (Hoopes) Beisner, Iva (Laughlin) Byrd,
Roger Heitschmidt, Donnie (Martin) Miller, Sharon (Dwinelle) Leiker,
Dennis Albrecht, Karen (Hudnall) Jakub, Harold Thacker,
Alex "Butch" Thacker, Lois (Rounkles) Bonar


Karen Jakub


Class of 1970

Bryan Duvall, Sonja (Thompson) Weisgerber,
Donna (Ringler) Totman,
Paul Elliott,
Marilyn (Coover) Mitchell



Sharon (Dwinelle) Leiker
Loretta (Cronn) Baum

Terry Maupin (1971)
Jim Harrell (1971)

I would like to just say Thank You to Jim for all of his help on the blog.
Don't tell him that I put this on the blog or he will be mad at me and make me remove it.
I have been sworn to secrecy, but the time limit expired recently.
I am hoping this is small enough that he won't notice it here at the bottom of his photos. :)
Thank You Jim for your timeless efforts!