Saturday, May 31, 2008


Remember the Dip?

What are some of your memories of going to the Dip?

The "Dip" brings back several memories to Millard, not because the list is long, but because of just plain memories. Perhaps it wasn't quite this memorable to the rest of you.

When Millard and Onnalee first dated, this was one of the places that Millard showed Onnalee - and not for what you are thinking. He wanted her to see where he and his friends spent a lot of time.

He remembers it for:
1. Washing cars
2. School Picnics
3. Fishing
4. Smooching

Onnalee doesn't even ask Millard about his previous smooching time at the Dip. As for us, we would not have dared go to the Dip to smooch.

With students that Onnalee had, such as Dan Hoisington, Steve Bealby, Janette Angel Ross, Lucille Houser Shearer and each of their buddies, we were very careful as to what we did and where we went. These were the very students that asked Onnalee every day at school if Millard took her to the Dip the night before?

And that isn't the whole list - just happens to be the ones that have kept in contact with Onnalee throughout these years, and brings all of these memories to her attention.

I guess if Jim Harrell used to climb the water tower to watch cars go by, although he was much younger at the time Millard and I were dating, Jim would have probably taken a ride on his bike to stake things out too.

And too - Lynn and Bob Welling and Janice Harrell Chitwood were on the look out for anything they could see. (Onnalee lived with Maude Robbins, so she was a neighbor of the Wellings.)

A Note: Onnalee questions the washing of cars. There was very little water and it looked very dirty to her. That sounded quite "fishy" to her.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


This was at the top - at one time. However, I do not want to delete it, as there
are some comments on this Welcome posting. So now I will say . . . .
Thank You for visiting the Paradise Educated Blog.
We appreciate your comments.

S.T. Brown Home

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Rodgers Home

This home is now the Methodist Church Parsonage

Arnold Anderson Home

Home where Jon Anderson grew up.
Jon and Millard have already shared some memories
about growing up as neighbors. We will try to get them
posted sometime soon.

Joe Kvasnicka Home

Dan & Mona Hoisinton's son, Matt, has this house and uses it for Retreats for his church in Great Bend.
Where would there be any better place to go to a Retreat than to Paradise?
I'm sure that the Great Bend friends have experienced real hospitality in Paradise.

Joyce Thompson Home

The Hoisington Home

Dan and Mona Hoisinton's Home

Vern and Helen Hoisington would be so-o-o proud of their home.
That home has hosted many activities and many memories for so many people.
Millard has numerous wonderful memories of the time, the effort, the energy and
probably, the expense of what Helen Hoisington always did and gave of, for the Youth.
Of course, it did not end with the Youth, but these times spent with Helen Hoisington
are some of the most treasured times for Millard.
She also hosted our wedding Shower, which we have always treasured the pictures
of in their home.
Millard took the top picture of Dan and Mona's patio when we visited them on
Memorial Day, 2007. Isn't it a beautiful view? So lush! They had had several
rains before that day.
Danny was a student of Onnalee's. He taught her a lot - how to keep on her toes with mischievous students which carried on through many years of teaching music.
She has been in contact with her Paradise students a lot. She has memories of being
trained very well, as the Seniors were only 4 years older than she was.

Then, we asked Dan to take some more pictures of their home and send it to us.
He did! The bottom one!

Roger Pruter's Boyhood Home

Later the home of Brian & Louise Helscher and then it was Randall Weller's Mother's Home at the time of this picture.

Land of Millard Harrell's Boyhood Home - 3 Comments

This is the land of Dick and Hazel Harrell's, across from Rodger's and north of Dean Brown's. Besides being Millard's boyhood home, it was Millard and Onnalee's first home after they were married - and where Onnalee's wonderful (?) students chivoreed them (can't find it in the dictionary. We found . . . chauvinist - unreasoning patriot: an unreasoning, overenthusiastic, and aggressive patriot. Wow! That is a chivaree completely!!!!! Putting a sick chicken in our grill!
Yes, that was several unreasoning, overenthusiastic and aggressive patriot's. {:>)
It wasn't until Memorial Day, 2007 that we found out who put the sick chicken in our barbecue grill. Aren't you running scared, DW? And, the wheelbarrow ride around the town square - that was fun! Don't think we could handle that again, though!!!!

Land between the Dean Brown home and what used to be the Harrell home

Dan took this from the back of the Brown home looking north to the Harrell's - where there is not a house on the other side of the trees. Go to "Comments" to see more.

THANK YOU for visiting the Paradise Educated Blog

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