Wednesday, August 15, 2012


School starts next week.  We are spending quality time with our grandchildren this week.  Their favorite Vacation or Special Time is to spend a day by themselves with their Mom.  They actually get a day and a night. With 4 children, being so close together (11, 10, 9, 7) that doesn't happen as often as they would choose - but this is their last week of vacation wish.  We are enjoying the other 3 each day.  We are having a great time too.
I will be back next week but Hey! I need pictures from you or any interesting information.  Have a great week - rest of the week. 

Monday, August 13, 2012




This is the last picture we took on our way out of Paradise, the Sunday after the reunion.
Well, I guess we were out of town - South of Paradise at the Miller Farm.  Millard walked from the road, across a barbed wire fence, down a valley, to the top of a hill, down another valley to the top of another hill to take this picture.  He has always wanted a picture of Paradise from this view.  Our camera isn't quite powerful enough to take a picture like he really wanted and this isn't the year for GREEN HILLS AND VALLEY'S,  but this is our "Little Town on the Prairie."

The pictures of the 2012 Paradise Alumni Reunion are on the blog.  Also Roger Pruter and Terry Martin shared their pictures.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  I wish that I would have been able to get a picture of EVERYONE that was at the reunion.  I would like to work out a system for the next reunion.  Any suggestions?
If everyone were like one of our favorite alumni members - Jay Anderson - it sure would help.  He said . . . "I'm here.  You need to take my picture, this may be my last year."  How true for all of us.  How many of us have seen our last year at the Paradise Reunion? 
Thanks Jay!  You made my day! 

We still have post cards.  I have sent 8 in the mail the past two weeks.  They are very nice and professional  postcards and I know that everyone would enjoy having one for a keepsake - or perhaps you would even like to send one to someone.

There are more Post Cards for sale.  Some with a stamp and a Paradise postmark and some without. 
The Post Cards with the stamp and postmark are $1.50 each.
The unstamped cards sell for $1.00 each.

Again, Thank You Brad Thompson, the alumni committee - Eric, Deb, Dan & Joyce - and for our Postmaster, Lucy, for the time each of you have spent in preparing the sale of these postcards.

Brad Thompson, we are very proud of the post cards.

Brad hired a printer to print the post cards and then Brad donated them to the Paradise Alumni.
The alumni had to buy the stamps to put on the post cards with stamps and Postmaster Lucille(Houser) Shearer postmarked the postcards with the stamps.
In a few years, there may not be a post office in Paradise so the postmark will be something for us to treasure too.  It is postmarked the day of the reunion.
Brad Thompson - 1974

If you wish to buy a post card please contact Eric, Deb, Dan or Joyce. 
If you would prefer to send me an email with your address I will contact one of the above
to make arrangements with you.  They will cost a few ¢ extra to have them sent to you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Class of 1959

We received our picture from the photographer at the reunion today. 
When you receive yours, I certainly would appreciate it if you would scan it/them and send it/them to me.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


On July 4, 2008 I posted photos of Paradise that were taken from the top of the water tower.
These are so neat and so beautiful! 
Enjoy these again!

Click on



Did you see what was posted here on the Paradise Blog May 19, 2012?
It is always nice to see that other people capture Paradise in Pictures too.
Click on

I love this ↓

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Thank You for your support!

For some reason this made me think of the
You have to scroll down a ways to read the Bad & the Ugly

Maybe they are still reading the blog
Perhaps I could just send these statistics to them.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


There is an update
and for
 on their posts below.
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Millard & I celebrated 47 years of marriage at Freddie's today and we shared a Signature Turtle. It doesn't take much to make us happy as long as we are together. Our Love is Strong!

God certainly led us together - 50 years ago He sent me to Paradise, Ks for my first teaching job - Millard's hometown.
11 years ago Millard thought he would be making funeral arrangements for me anytime for several days.  THANK YOU LORD!



Sunday, August 5, 2012


A message to Jay Anderson

You didn't think I took a picture of you in 2010?
Click on this link and scroll down a little more than half way to picture 10. 

Just wanted to remind you that I knew you were there and I can prove it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have all the photos that I have - including Roger Pruter's, Terry Martin's and ours - on the blog. 
If anyone has more pictures, especially of alumni and friends that we three did not capture, please email them to me.
In time I may - or will try to - take out time to tag or identify Roger's and Terry's pictures.  Going to take a break for a while.
I wish to apologize to those that I did not get a picture of you, your friends or your classmates.  I wish there were a way that I could get a picture of everyone at each table before they moved to another place by the time I got to their table.  There should be a way that I could get it done. 
Perhaps if we put a net over each table until the pictures were all taken?    

I'm sure all of you know that you have to click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of each page in order that you see all the pictures. 
Thank You for your support! 

Friday, August 3, 2012


For the past month or two some of us have been asked to pray even more for Donnie (Martin) Miller - Class of 1960 - as her cancer testing and results have been very discouraging.
We watched Donnie at the 2012 Paradise Alumni Reunion and we rejoiced within ourselves that she was there, she seemed to be having a great time and we Thanked God every time we were near her.  She was a real inspiration to all of us.
Tonight I heard from Duane again and he gave his and Donnie's permission to put a Prayer Request for All of You to please pray for Donnie.

From Duane . . . .

"Onnalee, It is difficult for Donnie talk about her condition. We lost our son David to cancer in Dec. 7, 2005. He was evacuated from the Persian Gulf and the USS Boxer in 2001 and started cancer treatment at the Navy hospital in San Diego, California. He was the same way and didn't want any discussion about it. It seemed like there was little time for healing over the years of battling cancer and the loss of David and we were dominated by the disease again.
You have my permission to post this information on the Blog.
Donnie's cancer was discovered on February 14, 2008. She had colon cancer and it metastasized to her liver. She went to Mayo Clinic for biopsy of the liver and treatment plans. Donnie decided that Dr Beck in Salina would be her oncology doctor. The prognosis at Mayo Clinic was not encouraging and offered little hope. The cancer has been aggressively controlled through heavy chemotherapy treatments the past four and a half years. Liver surgery was planned after a last 30 day break in chemotherapy through the month of July (last month).
August 1st, Donnie's cancer count elevated from 17 to 56. Doctor Beck was surprised that it was higher than 20 to 25. Surgery was not a matter of discussion. He said the cancer has to be evasive at another place or other than the liver. He is arranging for an appointment at KU Medical Center for evaluation of Theraspheres Implant in the liver. If that procedure is ruled out then radiation at Salina will be an option. Dr Beck said the implant is a really painful procedure and told Donnie that she might not want to do it.
She is now back on chemo. Pain is getting more intense in her legs and back. Dr Beck said that could be caused by diabetes and advised getting an appointment at the clinic here in Russell, to control the pain.
Many thanks for prayer's.  Duane"

Our prayer for Donnie & Duane and their family.

We pray for Donnie undertaking chemotherapy - the use of medicines or drugs to treat her disease - that the Lord will work out His perfect will in her situation and bring about healing or sufficient grace to make it through each treatment. We know that God is The Great Physician. We ask for peace for Donnie & Duane and their family and ask the healing virtue of Our Lord God to flow through every vein, tissue, cell, ligament and that her pain may be lessened.

We believe that God's desire is manifest in Donnie's life.

Men may give up, doctors may give up, BUT God never gives up on anyone.

We pray for all the doctors and nurses taking care of Donnie. We pray for family members that You, Heavenly Father, will comfort them and grant them peace as they comfort their loved one - their wife, their mother, their grandmother and our precious friend - Donnie.

We ask all this in Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen

Please continue to pray for Donnie.
She has more chemo next Tues - Aug. 14th. 
Her last chemo, over a week ago, was very hard for her for two or three days.  But you know Donnie - she started feeling better and went back to her bingo game playing at the VFW.
Then the next day, Tue (July 7th) and and Duane had lunch with Lynda Koelling.
After lunch she drove to Milberger to see the twins, Eli and Reagan and their older sister, Riley Marie.

Donnie & Duane's daughter, Micah Maried Becker, gave birth to twins July 2, 2012.
Reagan Grace Becker weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces, 19 inches long .
Elijah Martin Becker weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long. 

Reagan was delivered first. Elijah will be called Eli.

They were expecting them July 11.
They have a sister 2 ½ year old Riley Marie Becker and their dad is Ryan Martin Becker.

What a  happy time for the whole family and how wonderful for Donnie to be able to drive to their home and be with them from time to time.  The twins and their sister are certainly a miraculous change and body builder from the chemo that Donnie has to endure.

Thank You for your Prayers and please continue to pray for Donnie and for Duane too.



After putting the information about Donnie and the prayer on the blog last night I sent a message to Duane letting him know that I would change or correct anything he wanted me to.

From Duane last night  . . . . .

Just to clarify. My position would be the same as Connie Jahnke in her piece on the blog.
So I would say anything you ever want to do covering Donnie is ok with me.

The way you decide to put it together is fine. Including the part about David . David died on December 7, 2005. He was evacuated from the Persian Gulf and the USS Boxer in 2001 and started cancer treatment at the Navy hospital in San Diego, Ca.

Let me know if you need anything.

I appreciate you and the work you do on the Blog. Including the benefits or blessings from you prayers.

As I was about to send this. I heard an inbound message coming and it was from you. Connie, Karen and Donnie have been friends, est. 56 years. They will confirm my comment. Donnie was born to be a clown, an entertainer type and enjoying people. She has a convincing act and tries to cover up her real condition. She was trying to convince Dr Beck it is just a little arthritis causing the back and leg pain. She was about in tears or was because I was wanting her to approve of what I was telling you tonight. She didn't want any part of talking about her condition. I would say the drugs was also helping her at the reunion. It makes a lot of difference when the drugs are in full effect.

She should have been in a circus, because she loved to dress up in clown clothes like a tramp and go to events at the church or hospital !!!

God Bless You.

This morning I received another email from Duane . . . . .


I think your work on the blog looks terrific. The prayer is straight from your heart. When you say Lord hear our prayer, I am sure the trumpets are loud above letting the Lord know an important message is coming in, or delivered. Just like I heard your message come in last night on the internet !!. You are a beautiful person and a delight for everybody. The numbers confirms how important the Paradise Blog is for people.

Donnie is resting this morning. We don't know if the suffering is from the cancer or the result of chemo on Wednesday. She did smile when I said, I told them you are a clown. She is hoping our granddaughter Riley turns out to be a clown. Donnie says Riley has the potential!!!.

Also Karen and Connie - Love you this big: as big as all outdoors. Lynda Koelling belongs in this group as well.

Thanks to all of you.


Please read update below.
Haley Jo
Daughter of Michele (Angel) Peterka
Class of 1986
Granddaughter of
Janette (Angel) Ross '64 & Richard Ross
Great Granddaughter of
Garnett (White) Angel '45

Haley Jo and Michele Peterka  ↓
Haley Jo had a wreck on her motorcycle, Mon. - July 30, 2012. 
She was in surgery most of the day on Tuesday.
She had a lot of road rash on her left side; compound fracture in her left arm – bone through the skin so the surgery got it together with a plate – no cast!! They thought her ankle was broken – but just a bad sprain so they put a boot on it!!  

She had surgery on the pelvic area on Thursday and the only report that I have received is that the Dr said it went good.

Haley is in a lot of pain.  She was wearing her helmet and her face looks great!  However the helmet did fly off at impact and the strap was still snapped.  Haley always thought that her helmet was tight enough.  There was no damage to her face or right side.

She is a Senior this year.  What a way to start her Senior Year but I'm sure she will rise above all occasions.

Please pray for Haley Jo and her family.  

Her address is . . . .

Haley Jo Peterka
Research Medical Center
Room 6243
2316 East Meyer Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64132
Janette, Haley Jo, Michele, Garnett

Haley Peterka update:
Michele says . . . .
"GOOD NEWS!!!! Haley Jo gets to go home tomorrow!!!!!
Lots of therapy a head of her, but she's going to be home!!!
I know this isn't over by a long shot, but I want to thank everyone for all the Cards, flowers, goodie bags, stuff animals, signed Softball and other gifts, and for the visits, plus all the thoughts, prayers, and encouragement sent to Haley Jo.
Each and everyone of you have played such a Huge part in her recovery!
We Love and Appreciate you all so very Much! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!"

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