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This is the last picture we took on our way out of Paradise, the Sunday after the reunion.
Well, I guess we were out of town - South of Paradise at the Miller Farm.  Millard walked from the road, across a barbed wire fence, down a valley, to the top of a hill, down another valley to the top of another hill to take this picture.  He has always wanted a picture of Paradise from this view.  Our camera isn't quite powerful enough to take a picture like he really wanted and this isn't the year for GREEN HILLS AND VALLEY'S,  but this is our "Little Town on the Prairie."

The pictures of the 2012 Paradise Alumni Reunion are on the blog.  Also Roger Pruter and Terry Martin shared their pictures.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  I wish that I would have been able to get a picture of EVERYONE that was at the reunion.  I would like to work out a system for the next reunion.  Any suggestions?
If everyone were like one of our favorite alumni members - Jay Anderson - it sure would help.  He said . . . "I'm here.  You need to take my picture, this may be my last year."  How true for all of us.  How many of us have seen our last year at the Paradise Reunion? 
Thanks Jay!  You made my day! 

We still have post cards.  I have sent 8 in the mail the past two weeks.  They are very nice and professional  postcards and I know that everyone would enjoy having one for a keepsake - or perhaps you would even like to send one to someone.

There are more Post Cards for sale.  Some with a stamp and a Paradise postmark and some without. 
The Post Cards with the stamp and postmark are $1.50 each.
The unstamped cards sell for $1.00 each.

Again, Thank You Brad Thompson, the alumni committee - Eric, Deb, Dan & Joyce - and for our Postmaster, Lucy, for the time each of you have spent in preparing the sale of these postcards.

Brad Thompson, we are very proud of the post cards.

Brad hired a printer to print the post cards and then Brad donated them to the Paradise Alumni.
The alumni had to buy the stamps to put on the post cards with stamps and Postmaster Lucille(Houser) Shearer postmarked the postcards with the stamps.
In a few years, there may not be a post office in Paradise so the postmark will be something for us to treasure too.  It is postmarked the day of the reunion.
Brad Thompson - 1974

If you wish to buy a post card please contact Eric, Deb, Dan or Joyce. 
If you would prefer to send me an email with your address I will contact one of the above
to make arrangements with you.  They will cost a few ¢ extra to have them sent to you.

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