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For the past month or two some of us have been asked to pray even more for Donnie (Martin) Miller - Class of 1960 - as her cancer testing and results have been very discouraging.
We watched Donnie at the 2012 Paradise Alumni Reunion and we rejoiced within ourselves that she was there, she seemed to be having a great time and we Thanked God every time we were near her.  She was a real inspiration to all of us.
Tonight I heard from Duane again and he gave his and Donnie's permission to put a Prayer Request for All of You to please pray for Donnie.

From Duane . . . .

"Onnalee, It is difficult for Donnie talk about her condition. We lost our son David to cancer in Dec. 7, 2005. He was evacuated from the Persian Gulf and the USS Boxer in 2001 and started cancer treatment at the Navy hospital in San Diego, California. He was the same way and didn't want any discussion about it. It seemed like there was little time for healing over the years of battling cancer and the loss of David and we were dominated by the disease again.
You have my permission to post this information on the Blog.
Donnie's cancer was discovered on February 14, 2008. She had colon cancer and it metastasized to her liver. She went to Mayo Clinic for biopsy of the liver and treatment plans. Donnie decided that Dr Beck in Salina would be her oncology doctor. The prognosis at Mayo Clinic was not encouraging and offered little hope. The cancer has been aggressively controlled through heavy chemotherapy treatments the past four and a half years. Liver surgery was planned after a last 30 day break in chemotherapy through the month of July (last month).
August 1st, Donnie's cancer count elevated from 17 to 56. Doctor Beck was surprised that it was higher than 20 to 25. Surgery was not a matter of discussion. He said the cancer has to be evasive at another place or other than the liver. He is arranging for an appointment at KU Medical Center for evaluation of Theraspheres Implant in the liver. If that procedure is ruled out then radiation at Salina will be an option. Dr Beck said the implant is a really painful procedure and told Donnie that she might not want to do it.
She is now back on chemo. Pain is getting more intense in her legs and back. Dr Beck said that could be caused by diabetes and advised getting an appointment at the clinic here in Russell, to control the pain.
Many thanks for prayer's.  Duane"

Our prayer for Donnie & Duane and their family.

We pray for Donnie undertaking chemotherapy - the use of medicines or drugs to treat her disease - that the Lord will work out His perfect will in her situation and bring about healing or sufficient grace to make it through each treatment. We know that God is The Great Physician. We ask for peace for Donnie & Duane and their family and ask the healing virtue of Our Lord God to flow through every vein, tissue, cell, ligament and that her pain may be lessened.

We believe that God's desire is manifest in Donnie's life.

Men may give up, doctors may give up, BUT God never gives up on anyone.

We pray for all the doctors and nurses taking care of Donnie. We pray for family members that You, Heavenly Father, will comfort them and grant them peace as they comfort their loved one - their wife, their mother, their grandmother and our precious friend - Donnie.

We ask all this in Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen

Please continue to pray for Donnie.
She has more chemo next Tues - Aug. 14th. 
Her last chemo, over a week ago, was very hard for her for two or three days.  But you know Donnie - she started feeling better and went back to her bingo game playing at the VFW.
Then the next day, Tue (July 7th) and and Duane had lunch with Lynda Koelling.
After lunch she drove to Milberger to see the twins, Eli and Reagan and their older sister, Riley Marie.

Donnie & Duane's daughter, Micah Maried Becker, gave birth to twins July 2, 2012.
Reagan Grace Becker weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces, 19 inches long .
Elijah Martin Becker weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long. 

Reagan was delivered first. Elijah will be called Eli.

They were expecting them July 11.
They have a sister 2 ½ year old Riley Marie Becker and their dad is Ryan Martin Becker.

What a  happy time for the whole family and how wonderful for Donnie to be able to drive to their home and be with them from time to time.  The twins and their sister are certainly a miraculous change and body builder from the chemo that Donnie has to endure.

Thank You for your Prayers and please continue to pray for Donnie and for Duane too.


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