Friday, April 6, 2012


From Roger and Jan Pruter
← Don Deane
"Recently, Jan and I had an extended five week RV trip starting in Hattiesburg, MS for an Airstream business meeting. From there we traveled West to the Tucson, Marina and Phoenix area to visit relatives, family and to relax in the sun.
One of our goals was to look up one of our former teachers at Paradise High, Don Deane. We have kept in touch with Don over the past several years. We spent the day with Don reminiscing about the good old days in Paradise and touring the park he resides in.
Don and Barbara lived in Paradise from 1956 thru 1959. Don taught typing, shorthand and accounting, Barbara taught Home Ec. To this day, I have one memory of Don. We were in typing class and he hit me over the head with that thick book. I do remember Patty Hoopes was sitting beside me bothering me and I'm the one that got caught. Don mentioned that he could not have done that as He was too nice of a guy.
Don retired in 1986 after teaching in Hoxie, Ks, his home town. His Father owned the IH, Plymouth and Desota dealership from 1945 to 1960 in Hoxie.
Don and Barbara had two boys, Dave who now lives Durango and Don who resides in Littleton, Co.
Don and Barbara moved to Az. In 1999.  That same year Don lost the love of his life, Barbara. Don is now 81 years young and doing well.  He plays golf two times a week.
The memories Don brought up include the fun times spent boating and pulling skiers on the Reich pond. Another time he said was making a call from Paradise and he told the party on the other end that he would call them the next day. Ethel Durham (our switchboard operator) called Don the next day to see if he was going to call them back, not that anybody was listening to his first call.
Another memory Don recalled was that he was in the process of obtaining the teaching job in Paradise. He was calling long distance for John Angel ( school board member) in Paradise, the operator told him to sober up and call back tomorrow.
Another memory of good old Paradise

Roger & Jan"
Thank You Roger & Janet for the picture and your story.  What a neat time you must have had and you made it interesting for us too. 


Devin Tait said...

The question I always ask... where did they live (which house)?

K5UG said...

I remember when I was in grade school that my dad Troy Martin and Dale Reich made to boat dock for to old water ski pond. We had great times there for may years. I remember pushing my sister Donnie and Dorene Reich Chrisler in may time from that dock.