Wednesday, March 23, 2016



I received this in an email from Lois.

"Thanks for every thing you do for the Paradise Blog;  I love to read it.       
In 1983,  I had cancer of the colon;   surgery to remove the cancerous part of the colon and a colostomy [artifical opening] was made on my left side.   The lower part of the colon was removed plus the rectum, anus, etc.         
Fast forward to 2016,  33 years later.   I had emergency surgery on Feb.13;   for an "impacted colon  and a hernia right below the colostomy."    The doctor removed that part of my colon and repaired the hernia and had to make a new colostomy farther up .  It had not "burst" or I would have really been in trouble.   
Back in 1983 I had no chemo or radiation;  just surgery to remove all of the cancer.    
Today,  I have___" no cancer";  just a very sore abdomen  !!!       Lois Bonar"

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