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I have had Donnie Martin Miller on my prayer list since the day that I found out that she had cancer.  I pray for her and Duane daily.  I sent an email to them this week to find out how Donnie is doing.  I should do that more often. Duane is such a remarkable person and always answers my emails immediately.

Donnie & Duane
Duane's email . . . .

"Hello Onnalee.

The next Paradise Reunion will be Donnie's third since discovering she had cancer and began treatment. I agree it is a good idea to report on her condition and as encouragement for others that have similar health problems. The cancer originated in the colon and migrated to the liver. At this point it has been contained or not metastasis to other places. However they are monitoring the Adrenal Gland. Donnie is continuing chemotherapy treatments every two weeks. Three or four days after each treatment is miserable, then she bounces' back to a fair quality of life. Donnie has always had a good attitude, I am sure that helps and she started taking Paw-Paw Reg tablets as a treatment supplement from the very beginning and could be contributing. As you have Onnalee, Donnie's friends are devoted to praying for her continuously.
As far as changing in any other way, not Donnie!! She is looking forward to our daughter Micah having twins about the first of July. They will make seven grandchildren. Our son Dru has four children , three boys and a girl. The oldest is six years old. Micah has a daughter two and when the twins arrive she will have two girls and a boy.
Cancer is a dreadful word. I think of my cousin Arthur Lee who is dealing with cancer, he made an adjustment and recently said, "Duane, maybe we don't have it so bad". Arthur and his wife are both taking chemo. Hope he doesn't mind me commenting about his good attitude.
Get regular checkups to save yourself a lot of misery.

God Bless
Duane Miller

From left to right . . . .
Standing -
Ryan Becker (son-in-law),  Dru Miller (Son)

Seated -
Micah Becker (daughter),  Duane holding Riley Becker,  Donnie holding Jenessa Miller, Jenna Miller (daughter-in-law).
Front row -
Christian Miller, Conner Miller

Duane's email made me think of Arthur Lee.  Arthur had sent an email to Millard and told about his wife having cancer but we did not know about Arthur. 
A few emails have been going back and forth between Arthur and me. 

Arthur & Karen
We all need to pray for these two families daily.  We never know when we will be sharing this kind of news about us and.or our spouse. 

Arthur's email to me . . . .

"It is true, my wife, Karen, was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. She has finished three chemo treatments and has three or five to go. Her numbers are good and the prognosis is good. It has been a trying time for all of us . I have finished chemo and the Dr. is starting to lengthen the time between lab, scans and appointments. We have gone from daily to every three weeks to every three months and we are up to four months. We expect Karen's case to be the same. Karen does have some really down days after Chemo but she will win . Our motto is " stay strong".
I have Diffuse Large B cell type Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma. It had attached to my spleen and I had a spleen octomy July 20th 2011. It has the potential to come back in some other organ but it may not.
We have the same oncologist but he will not put us on a family plan or give us a discount. Having cancer is like having a job that you really hate. It is demanding of your time and energy. I liken it to a job because there is something you have to do almost every day that is cancer related.

Arthur Lee"

Brad (son), Karen, Marla (Daughter, Arthur

Girls left to right - Olivia, Krista, Sara
Boys left to right - Elijah, James
with Karen & Arthur 


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Miller's and the Lee's.

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