Saturday, May 26, 2012



A tornado destroyed one home and damaged several other homes and buildings near Fossil Lake on the south side of Russell around 9:30pm. Patricia Strecker was taken to Russell Regional Hospital with injures. She was thrown from her home after it was destroyed by the tornado. Strecker was found by storm chaser Henry Diehl about 20 feet away from the original location of her home.

Interstate 70 and Highway 281 were closed for a brief time after the tornado to allow emergency responders to survey damage and check for injures.

Also, most of the city was without power for between three and four hours due to the storms. Officials were unable to sound tornado sirens at the time the tornado struck the south side of Russell. Power has since been restored to the entire town. Electric Utilities Director Duane Banks said Saturday morning the city's electrical grid took repeated direct lightning strikes from the storms and that appears to be the main reason why Russell residents lost power for several hours. The KRSL news team will check back with Banks next week for more information on the power outage.

Lightning caused at least two grass fires in Russell County.

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Janette (Angel) Ross posted this on facebook.  She received the photo from Bill Conrad saying that the photo was taken by Jill Brown Matt.

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