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The first Paradise Annual was published in 1919. 
It was named the PARADISE SUNFLOWER.
I posted the annual, beginning on February 3, 2010. 
It just takes a few minutes to scroll down to "Older Posts" to see the 10 posts that includes the Annual in full.

However, this annual does not show photos of each of the students when they were Senior and we do not have any other Class Photos until the Class of  1929.

These were the students at the time the Annual was published.
The Post graduates graduated in 1918.
Seniors graduated in 1919. 

This verifies the years.
I also have a book that Millard's Mother wrote in and has the above names in those years.

Class of 1918
There was not any picture of them in the Paradise Sunflower,
Eula Bartlett, Pearl Henry, Ray Kirkpatrick, Lyndal Sanders
If anyone has a picture, I would appreciate it if you would send it to me.

Class of 1919

There is not a picture of Lydia Krug and I don't know why Mark Harrell's picture is with the Seniors.
He was listed as a Junior and he graduated with the Seniors?

According to the list of the Students the Juniors 
Class of 1920
Eunice Dwinelle and Mark Harrell
(There is not a picture of Eunice Dwinelle)

The Sophomore Class
Class of 1921
Danile Kirkpatrick, Gladys Houser, Marene Sanders, John Paulsen
I'm sorry I can not identify these 3.

Freshman Class
Class of 1922

According to the Students List there are 5.
There are 5 students in this picture.  Again I'm sorry that I am unable to identify them.

The Superintendent and Teachers
that were there at the time that the Paradise Sunflower was published.

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