Friday, June 8, 2012



Penny Loker
is going to have
left knee surgery, replace whole knee,
 Mon. June 11th.  
Please pray for her and her family.

They moved Penny up a week for her surgery so the story is changed.
Oh My Goodness!  She isn't going to get to help with wheat harvest so her preparation for her surgery, cutting wheat, will not happen for her.  I'm sure that is a blessing in disguise.  :)

On Sun (June 10th) they will go to Kearney for a 4:00 p.m. 2 hour class and free supper and will have a free motel.  She will check into the hospital Mon. morning for her scheduled surgery.  She said that she wants to be back to her room late afternoon and she will be glad to have it over with.
  "She has things to do, places to go and people to meet."
Gary, Penny's husband, will have to go back home Monday night or Tuesday morning and help cut wheat.  When farming - including wheat - is your livelihood it is necessary to take care of it when it is ready. 
Penny said that she will leave Kearney on the 14th (Thursday) and be admitted to the Cheyenne County Hospital for a while.  The length of time will probably depend on how well Penny does.  Knowing Penny, she will need to be in the hospital until all of the harvesting is done.  I have a feeling the Dr's know that too.  :)
Love and Prayers to you and your family Penny.  And most of all . . . . don't over do it.

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