Thursday, June 7, 2012


Penny tells about their trip to California together.

"Lois Rounkles Bonar (class of 1960), Cherryvale, Ks and sister Penny F, Rounkles Loker (class of 1964), McDonald, Ks, took off for California on March 14th, 2012. This trip has been planned for 2 years.
3 goals for this trip - 1. visit relation. 2. sight see. 3. Meet relation that we have never met before.

We traveled from N.W. Ks to Colorado, south to N.M. and west on I-40. Went to the Grand Canyon & Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Drove across London Bridge.
Next stop was Los Angelos, California. Stayed with cousins there for 4 days. Visited Disneyland, Queen Mary Ship, Redondo Beach, & Gene Autry Museum.
Then we headed North to San Francisco, California to meet cousins there for the 1st time. For 3 days they drove us all over S.F. and took us to many great restaurants. Lois and I took a boat ride and went all around the bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge and by Alcatraz the prison.  (The above picture was taken outside The Cliff House (a retaurant) by the bay.)
Then we headed East on I-80, stopped in Salt Lake City and had supper with a cousin we had never met before.
Penny did the driving and Lois did the map reading. We were gone 15 days !!! We had a blast !!!!!!

Lois, their cousin Rachyll and Penny
in San Francisco
Thank You for sharing your wonderful trip with us Penny.  We are sure that you and Lois made many wonderful memories for you and your families.

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