Saturday, June 23, 2012


This was on facebook this morning . . . .

Dear Family and friends !!!
Thanks for all the cards and phone calls !!!!! We went to Kearney, Neb to see my knee Dr. yesterday . they took x-rays and he came talked to us. He said everything was perfect and I was doing good. Kick up the Physical therapy. They will come to house 3 times this coming week !!!!! They took out the 31 staples and let me tell you that hurt. Gary had me hold hand, and towards the end end he said "don't break my hand !!!! " Some of them bleed but they put strips of tape over them. Everything is good there!!! They were starting to pull so it's good to have them out. I was exhausted when we got home-- think I slept all the way home !!! My main 2 goals for this week are exercise 2-3 times a day and "DON"T FALL !!!!!" Guys are still cutting wheat and it's turning out good for everybody !!!! Hopefully Sunday night they will be done. Thanks again , Love,  Penny Rounkles Loker

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