Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi Onnalee,

I loved the blog about the Wylie Martin's today.

Do you have the Paradise Farmer on microfilm or fiche? And you have a list of mayors!!!! I knew there had to be some city records somewhere, but I never have time to check at the courthouse when we're in the area.

When you read about Ed Helms in the Farmer, he is my Grandma Hutchcraft's dad, so he is my great granddad. I believe he is a former mayor. I know he was a lawman for awhile.

So interesting that Mr. Martin was hired to supervise the Chinese RR workers.

Keep up the good work. Even if sometimes it is just obituaries we still need to know about them.

A fellow Paradisian,

Thank You for your note, Norma.
No, I do not have the Paradise Farmer on microfilm or fiche, but I would love to get it in some form. I will have to check into it. It would certainly give me a lot of information for the blog.
(If anyone has any knowledge concerning me getting the Paradise Farmer, please let me know.)
I am still looking for the list of Mayor's. I can not find it, but I'm sure it was not a dream as I remember seeing Vern Hoisington's name on it. Now . . . someone tell me that he was never a Mayor and that I do not know what I am talking about.
Yes Norma I agree, I have felt like we have had our share of obituaries, especially the past few months. I am going to have to work harder to find some other news, but like you say . . . . "we still need to know about them". Onnalee

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