Friday, March 25, 2011



I received an email from Dorene . . . .

"Hi Onnalee, how are you?
Iva Byrd just called me and she wanted me to pass along that her and Norman's step mother, Elaine Laughlin, passed away this morning in Calif. She was 91.
Iva just got home from the hospital. They found out that a medicine she had been taking for a long time was causing her stomach to bleed. It was absorbing the blood droplets so they couldn't figure out where the blood was going. She thinks she is improving now.
Thanks! Dorene"

Also . . . Cecelia Aenk sent this to Millard on facebook . . .

"My cousin IVA from NC just called to inform us Elaine Laughlin passed away today 3/25/11. She was Mrs. Howard Laughlin in her 90's & moved to NC to live with Iva & Jim for a while.

Thanks for continuing prayers! Cecelia"
Thank You Dorene for taking out the time to send me an email and also to Cecelia for letting Millard know too.

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