Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Lawrence Finch will be 100 - August 13, 2011
His 100th Birthday Party will be
in Russell at the Fossil Inn
Aug. 13, 2011.
Friends are invited to stop by and wish him

Lawrence Finch  was born just south of Natoma on the Harsh place in Rooks county. He is the oldest son of Gavin and Pearl (Clair) Finch. He met his wife , Nellie Sanders , when she was teaching at a country school. Lawrence's little brother and sister was in Nellie's school. They married March 2, 1929 and was married almost 75years when she passed away about two weeks before their anniversary.

(←  Photo taken at the Paradise Reunion - July, 2010)

Lawrence supported his family by farming and when the dirty 30’s hit he moved his family to Arizona and got a job in the gold mines there. Norma was just a baby when they moved out and Dixie was born in Oatman Arizona 1937. They returned to Ks when Dixie was about 4. Lawrence had a few small jobs but ended up working for Sohio.. He retired from Sohio which became B P. He and Nellie moved up south of Natoma on a little farm. They later moved to Natoma, but Lawrence kept the farm for awhile. He and Nellie had a small camper and traveled quite a bit.

This is a 6th Generation of Lawrence.
It is a 5th Generation Photo of Dixie and Roger Thompson.

This photo was taken last year at Lawrence's 99th Birthday.
These are Norma's children and grandchildren.

Lawrence  played polo on the Sohio team and he also had greyhounds and loved to coyote hunt.

Nellie had a stroke and so Lawrence took care of her, although she did recover from the stroke. They went to live with Dixie (Eggleston)  in the winter and at their home in the summer. Nellie died at the age of 95 and Lawrence was 93. He continued staying with Dixie through the winter then he decided he wanted to learn how to bowl. They bought him his own ball and bag and he did pretty good. His highest score was about 128. Because of his failing health,  he had to quit. Dixie, Lawrence and Norma did some traveling.   They are so thankful the time they  had with herNorma at that time.

He has been with Dixie now since Norma died and they sold all he had last summer. They just didn't think he could stay by himself anymore. He is still doing pretty good.

There have been 18 presidents in Lawrence Finch's lifetime. 
They started with William Howard Taft (1909-1913).


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Virginia Maddox said...

Please tell me the address where I can send a card to Lawrence. Delbert Landis worked with Lawrence in the oilfield in Fairport. He wants to send him a card. Thanks
Virginia Maddox