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Paradise Alumni's beautiful Deb Maupin
Organizer of the Paradise Reunion
Dressed in her attire from the Jazz Era of the 1920's

Deb (Bealby) Maupin-1973, Jeanette (Angel) Ross-1964. Madonna Bealby (wife of Steve), 
Mona Hoisington (wife of Dan), Rhonda Strecker (wife of Glen) Kristine Martin (wife of Terry) Suzie Clark, Cindy Boller

Richard & Janette-1964 - (Angel) Ross and Bonnie & Brett Thompson-1982

Joyce (Howe)Thompson-1951, Ruth Bartlett (wife of Myron-1944),
Garnett (White) Angel-1945, Miss Virginia Robertson,
Carolyn Howe (wife of Ben-1954)

Carolyn Howe and Joyce Thompson

Janette (Angel) Ross-1964 and Lucille (Houser) Shearer-1964

Vivian (Thompson) Martinez - Class of 1941
Vivian was the oldest Paradise Graduate at the Reunion. 
She is 92 years old.

The Class of 1956 and 1957 were the honored classes this year.
They had to come forward and play "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
They were allowed to call one friend for help on a question.

The questions . . . .
Movies From 1957

#1 Broke small-time rancher Dan Evans is hired by the stagecoach line to put big-time captured outlaw leader Ben wade on the 3:10 train but wade's gang tries to free him.

Where was the 3:10 train going?

#2 After settling his differences with a Japanese POW camp commander, a British colonel co-operates to oversee his men's construction of a railway bridge for their captors-while oblivious to a plan by the Allies to destroy it.

What river was this bridge on?
Answer  Kwai

#3 A boy brings a yellow dog home.  The dog loves the family as much as they love him, but can the love last?

What is the name of the movie?
Answer Old Yeller

#4 Lawman Wyatt Earp and a friend form an unlikely  alliance which culminates in their participation in the legendary Gun Fight at the OK Corral.

Who was that friend?
Answer Doc Holliday

#5  When Scott Carey begins to shrink because of radiation and insecticide, medical science is powerless to help him.

What is the name of the movie?
Answer  The Incredible Shrinking Man

Music From 1957

#1 Who sang Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On?
      Answer  Jerry Lee Lewis

#2 This was Buddy Holly's first hit.
      Answer  Peggy Sue

#3 What were Elvis Presley's back up singers called?
      Answer   Jordanaires

#4 Who sang the song Lucille?
     Answer  Little Richard

#5  Who first sang This Land is Your Land
       Answer  Woody Guthrie

1957 TV

#1 Name 4 of the top 10 shows
The Danny Thomas Show

Tales of Wells Fargo

Have Gun Will Travel

I've Got a Secret

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

General Electric Theater

The Restless Gun

December Bride

You Bet Your Life  

Sports  1956

#1 Who won the World Series?
      Answer   Brooklyn Dodgers

#2 Who was the NCAA Football Champs?
      Answer   Oklahoma

World Events

#1  Who was the first Secretary of the USSR?

       Answer  Nikita Khrushchev

#2    From what country did Morocco gain it's independence?
         Answer     France

USA 1956

#1  What was the population of the US?
       Answer   169,000,000

#2  Who was the Vice-President?
       Answer   Richard Nixon

#3 What was the cost of a first class stamp?
      Answer   3 cents

Confession Time-  
At your elderly age it is very important to Come Clean regarding any criminal activity you may have been involved in in 1956 or 1957.  
Please raise your hand high if you would like to relieve yourself of any long time guilt.

Were you ever involved in any way with the disappearance  of water melons from the Bob Tichenor patch? 

Prizes for the winners.
1 free fiction book titled - "Top 10 Hygiene Tips for 1956"
Donated by the author, Jon Baach

15% of on all John Deer differential grease.
Donated by John Harrell

1 free bottle of Budwiser.  Must be a Hoopes Cafe at 9:00 am any morning.
Donated by Helsher Garage

1 gallon of DDT Insecticide.
Donated by Evans Grain Do.
Note from donor:  Do not spray on bed clothes more than twice a week.

2 free lessons on how to climb a ladder, hammer a nail, measure a board,
talk and make our false teeth in and out of our mouth -
all at the same time.
Donated by Joe Hutchinson

Free long distance call - limit 10 minutes.
Donated by Ethel Durham

1 free new Out-house seat (to whole limit).
Donated by Wiley Martin

1 free chicken cleaned and 1 piece of chocolate pie.
Donated by Anna Webster

1 month free Post Office box.
Donated by Hazel Harrell

1 free perm or flat top.
Donated by Lucille Laughlin

2 free live dinners at Hoopes Cafe.
Donated by Lee and Louise

1 free Jitney ticket to Waldo.
Donated by Howard Laughlin

1 free gallon of our cheapest paint.
Donated by Paradise Lumber

1 free carton of Black Jack gum.
Donated by Rodgers & Hoisington

1 free pair of rubbers . . . . (over shoes).
Donated by Brown's Store

Thank You Janette, for the photos
Dan, for the list of questions and prizes.

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Douglas Siemens said...

My name is Doug Siemens, my father was Walter Siemens, principal at Paradise for the classes of 1962 and 1963. While I was too young to attend Paradise then,my brothers Don and Dan along with my sisters Walta, Rosanne and Lyn did. I think Don was a freshman our last year in town.

Dad passed away in 1985. Earlier this year, we cleaned out Mom's house and came across the Pirate yearbooks from those two years. I started searching and stumbled across this blogsite.

One memory I have about town was living in the bus barn for a few days while we waited for our house to be completed. We ended up living just up the hill from Mr. and Mrs. White, an old couple whose son and family lived in an "underground" house.

If any Paradise Educated readers are interested in contacting me regarding my family members, my email is dmsiemens80@gmail.com.