Thursday, October 6, 2016



 I received these pictures from Dan 9/6/16.  I'm sorry I'm so slow about getting them on the blog.  I could blame it on to a lot of things, but won't go into that now.  He signs his messages "Star."  He just knows he is my Star student.  :)  Actually, he is - along with many others.  

Hi Onnalee, 
Here are a few pics of the Saline River at the Hoisington farm 8 miles SW of Paradise.  It is where Agnes Sims lived when she taught school. Then I took some pics of what use to be a 9.5 acre pond.  After 6 years of drought the pond has been bone dry but the rains this summer had it filling up and last week it was finally full.  This land belongs to John & Yvonne Driscoll (Van sold it to them about 6 years ago).  John took Yvonne out on Saturday evening to see the pond as neither of them had ever seen it completely full.  That only lasted a few hours as by Sunday morning the pond was empty due to the dam failing.  It is a very sad sight!

Looking West from bluff

 Saline River West of barn

                                        Washed out dam

West of barn

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