Saturday, October 22, 2011


I have received 3 comments from "Anonymous" asking if Glen Strecker was Willie the Wildcat.

I have made it a practice to not post Anonymous comments but as soon as I received the first comment from "Anonymous" I sent the comment to Glen and Devin.  Devin quickly responded and said that his Dad (Glen) was Willie the Wildcat. 

I asked him for pictures and a story.  I think he is having his Mom and Sister work on that for us.

This morning I received the 3rd comment from "Anonymous".  I have decided that it does sound like the "real thing" and I thought everyone would enjoy it.  Here it is . . . .
(A note to "Anonymous", we would like to have your name too.)

"Was curious about the Willie Wildcat.
GoPowercat board had a question about the first KSU FB game attended.
Mine was Band Day as a sophomore in Oct 69 against Iowa St & remember Rhonda going up to the rail to meet someone. May disrember the Willie stuff, but you would have made a great one. You could be kind of a clown when playing town team basketball ;).
Went back the following week with the Natoma Football team to see the OU 59-21 game.
Anyway, that is how I remember it ;).
Thanks for the old Paradise Pics."

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